Jax Dual Monitor Arm with Horizontal Sliders

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- Elevates two monitors to an ergonomic height

- Advanced horizontal adjustment

- Easily attaches to the edge of the desk or via a grommet hole

Starts at $139.50 $279.00
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Two arms up for any challenge

The Jax Dual Monitor Arm with Horizontal Sliders makes it easy to elevate two screens to eye level, helping you alleviate eye fatigue and neck strain while creating more space on your desktop. Jax has the most range and mobility of any of our monitor arms, allowing you the flexibility to work how you want. You can adjust your monitor arm’s rotation at set up, limiting it to 180° (great for when your desk is against a wall), or allowing for a full 360° swivel.

Far more sophisticated than a standard VESA mount, this version of Jax comes equipped with innovative horizontal sliders that allow even more ability for you to fine-tune the adjustment up to 6” to the right or left simply by sliding your monitors into the perfect position. 

Made of steel and aluminum, the sturdy arm is powered by a fail-proof mechanical spring. 
Jax can be clamped securely to the edge of the desktop or inside a grommet hole. It’s compatible with all Jarvis, Remi, and Boden desks, or any desktop between 0.4” to 2” (10 and 50 mm). 

Packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard, your new Jax can be set up in no time. 

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  • 15 year warranty

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Details and dimensions 
  • Total height adjustment range of 8.7", with a maximum height of 19.7" above the tabletop (measurement at center of monitor)

  • Max extension: 23"

  • Monitor weight capacity: 4.4 lbs to 15.4 lbs

  • Monitor width: 13 - 35"

  • Mount options: Grommet and clamp

  • Clamp sizes:

    • Standard clamp:

      • Compatible desks: All Jarvis, Remi, and Boden desks

      • Compatible desktop thicknesses: 0.4 - 2"

    • Large clamp:
      • Compatible desks: Jarvis Hardwood and Nolan desks
      • Compatible desktop thicknesses: 1.6 - 3.1"
  • Vesa compatability: 75-100 mm

  • Tilt range: +80°~-80°

  • Swivel range: +90°~-90°

  • Screen rotation: +90°~-90°

  • Adjustable rotation limits: 180° or 360°

  • Assembly Instructions

  • Not compatible with our Jarvis Desk Shelf

  • Integrated wire management

  • Powered by a durable mechanical spring

  • A streamlined clamp design

  • Additional cable management sleeve and velcro cable ties to neatly store cables

Shipping dimensions
  Length Width Height Weight
Jax Dual Monitor Arm with Horizontal Sliders




15.8 lbs


Shipping details
  • Jax Dual Monitor Arm with Horizontal Sliders ships via FedEx Ground from Portland, OR or Nottingham, MD