Luna Standing Desk Stool

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- Height adjustable, ideal for heigher workstations

- Halfway between standing and traditional 90° sitting

- Stabilize with the slip-resistant rubber base

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Active sitting for engaged working

Instead of sinking into a traditional task chair that rests all of your weight onto your tailbone, Luna activates your legs and core to put your spine in a more natural posture halfway between standing and traditional 90-degree sitting. Sitting at an angle closer to 120-degrees opens your hips, improving both your posture and your circulation.

Luna’s slip-resistant rubberized base keeps you stable while giving your body the freedom to make the micro-adjustments it needs to keep on task. By incorporating this healthy movement into your day, you’ll find that you feel more present and engaged in your work.

With its small size and high quality durable materials, Luna also makes a great grab-and-go stool for impromptu meetings, and is an affordable choice for extra seating or furnishing your collaborative workspaces.

The Luna standing desk stool works with all heights, features an eco-polyester cushion providing the right level of firm support, comes in 5 color combinations, and has the solid makings of a stool that will stay with you for years.

fully active sitting smarter healthier way to sitfully active sitting smarter healthier way to sit

There's a smarter, healthier way to sit

By supporting the body’s natural need for movement, active sitting is transforming the way people feel at work. Learn more.


- 5 year warranty

fully luna standing desk stool dimensionsfully luna standing desk stool dimensions
Details and dimensions 
  • Product weight: 14.3 lbs

  • Max supported weight: 300 lbs

  • 5 year warranty

  • Slip resistant rubberized base

  • Seat: 13" diameter (330mm)

  • Base: 14" diameter (356mm)

  • Max height: 33.5" (850mm)

  • Min height: 23.6" (600mm)

  • Cushion: Polyester fabric & PU Foam

  • Body: Aluminum

  • Gas lift: Steel

  • Base: Plastic with rubberized bottom

Shipping dimensions
  Length Width Height Weight
Luna Standing Desk Stool  14.6" 14.6"  24.2"  18 lbs 
Shipping details
  • Luna ship via FedEx Ground from Portland, OR and Nottingham, MD

fully luna standing desk stool blue with white base in use by womanfully luna standing desk stool blue with white base in use by woman

Lessons in sitting from Outer Space

Back in the 1980’s, a team of NASA researchers set out to understand the body’s most natural posture by studying astronauts in microgravity. The goal of their NBP (neutral body posture) studies was to create more comfortable, safe, and healthy flight systems for their crew.

Meanwhile, down on earth, we were still stuck in the age of poor chair design, sitting on chairs that forced our bodies into unnatural positions—chairs that served style over our health and comfort. Caught up in the excitement of new forms and materials, we had lost contact with our bodies.

Thankfully, we have moved on to a new era of sitting. Chairs like Luna are waking our bodies up again to their natural posture. We’re finding that we feel better and more engaged when our bodies are given the freedom to move. And we’re seeing the ripple effects of this healthier way of sitting—in our work, in our relationships, and in the world.

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