Welcome Live Wire Audience!


Fully is proud and honored to be one of Live Wire’s first sponsors. We’re huge fans of the show, and love seeing the Live Wire Radio goodness grow and spread. It’s rare to find someone as loveable, humble and quick-witted as Luke Burbank. With his signature relatable and deprecating style, we love that Luke brings his full self to every Live Wire Show. Since you’re here, we’re guessing you agree, so we thought we’d tell you a little more about Luke’s particular setup. Thank you for checking us out, and please let us know if you have any questions. Or good jokes.


Luke’s Jarvis Standing Desk

Independent reviewers at the Wirecutter, Gadget Review, Digital Trends, Reviews.com, and a bunch of internet randos have rated Jarvis the best standing desk on the market. Wirecutter has honored Jarvis for 3 years running. We are so proud to have something so amazing and appreciated, but even so we’re constantly working to make improvements to how Jarvis works, how it looks, and how accessible it is. We genuinely welcome your feedback.

On stage, Luke is sporting our special edition (Jarvis)RED desk, but we have a wide variety of Jarvis configurations available.

Live Wire main speaker at Red Jarvis Standing deskLive Wire main speaker at Red Jarvis Standing desk
Blue Capisco on stage with a Mic on itBlue Capisco on stage with a Mic on it

Luke’s Capisco - THE adjustable height seat for your adjustable height desk.

Capisco is the chair that started this company. It looks nothing like the black mesh pseudo-“ergonomic” chair you’re familiar with, and functionally, there’s no chair like a Capisco. No other chair that naturally puts your body in a such a healthy, body-friendly, open hip angle, while allowing you to sit, stretch, lean, or perch. And for darn sure no other chair allows you to do all of that forwards, backwards, sideways, and at sitting or standing heights. Despite the number of options we have to choose from in our office, Capisco is also a favorite chair among Fully employees. Not only are we all about this chair, it is now available in the US exclusively from Fully.

Capisco also comes in Puls and Puls Plus options.

For those seeking a narrower saddle, a firmer seat, or a lower price point, the Capisco Puls and Puls Plus are siblings to the iconic Capisco chair. Here’s how they stack up:

  • The Puls has a firm-but-comfy molded saddle seat, with an 8.5" wide x 12" deep central seat cushion that offers just enough squish to keep your butt bones happy. A narrower pommel then the classic Capisco may be more comfortable for some people.
  • The Puls Plus has the same underlying build, but sports additional cushioning, going all the way to the edges of the seat pan, for a still-firm, but slightly more cushy sitting experience.
  • The classic Capisco is completely cushioned and upholstered, seat and back. Just as comfortable backwards as it is forwards, this is the single most versatile chair we’ve ever seen.
Fully Puls Plus chair at conference room tableFully Puls Plus chair at conference room table