Jaswig Nomad Standing Desk

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- Easily adjust this lightweight, compact desk from standing to perching heights

- The perfect solution for small spaces

- Limited lifetime warranty

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Freedom in small spaces

Inspired by the look of vintage ’60’s school desks, but with modern materials and human-centered functionality, the Jaswig Nomad is the perfect solution for small spaces.

This desk was specifically designed to be compact and lightweight so you can easily change your location or tuck your desk away to maximize space. With 9 height increments, it’s easy to change position anytime you want— just lift, slip and lock the desktop into place. No wrestling, no finger pinching.

Whether standing or using a supported standing chair, your body is going to want to move. Jaswig includes a built-in footrest, which allows you to shift your body weight from one leg to the other throughout the day, not only giving your legs their due rest, but keeping your body engaged, your back loose, and your circulation flowing.

This desk is made entirely of natural materials, from the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified birch plywood, to the low-VOC, low-formaldehyde varnish, making it planet-friendly.

fully secret to a better home officefully secret to a better home office

The secret to a better home office

Yes, it’s about the desk. The chair. The lighting and accessories. But most of all it’s about creating a space that brings out the best in you.

Let's get started

Designed for supported standing

Supported-standing chairs put you in a leaning position relieves lower back pain caused by sitting on your tailbone and gives the right amount of support to activate your body’s natural ability to find balance.

Luna - The charming and affordable Luna stool brings healthy alignment, support, and motion to your adjustable-height desk.

ILOA - A true saddle chair, opens angle of hips to encourage your spine into a natural curve.

fully luna and iloafully luna and iloa
fully tic-toc balance board and floatdeck balance boardfully tic-toc balance board and floatdeck balance board

Balance boards

Tic Toc Stand

Developed around the principles that movement is healthy, Tic Toc Stand is designed not so much to make you move, as to move with you when you naturally shift your weight side to side—or front to back, if you want to mix things up.

  • 17.6" wide x 11.5" deep

Floatdeck Balance Board

Crafted for effortless, intuitive motion, Floatdeck keeps your joints loose and body aligned, while subtly strengthening your stabilizing muscles (core, hips, knees) during long periods of standing.

  • 29.5" wide x 12.2" deep

Anti-fatigue mats

Fully Stand Mat

A simple black standing mat, but far from simple. The supportive foam design will help anyone stand comfortably throughout the day.

  • 30" wide x 18" deep

Topo Standing Mat

With peaks and valleys that mimic variation in natural terrain, Topo gives your calves and ankles the healthy range of motion they might find on a leisurely stroll.

  • Topo: 29" wide x 26.25" deep
  • Topo Mini: 25.2" wide x 19.2" deep

Muvmat by aeris

Add a foot massage to your standing desk experience. Specially engineered with hidden contours that simulate the rocks, roots, and fallen branches you would encounter when walking on a forest floor, this unique anti-fatigue standing mat keeps your feet happy and body energized while standing.

  • 36" wide x 19" deep
fully stand mat with topo mat and muvmatfully stand mat with topo mat and muvmat

- Limited lifetime warranty


Details and dimensions
  • FSC-certified Birch plywood

  • Built-in ergonomic footrest

  • Low-VOC, low-formaldehyde varnish

Shipping dimensions
  Length Width Height Weight
Jaswig Nomad Standing Desk  36" 26" 6" 40 lbs
Shipping details
  • Jaswig ships via FedEx Ground from Portland, OR and Nottingham, MD

fully jaswig standing deskfully jaswig standing desk

Designed to do something more.

For Jaswig, the journey began when Daphne, a PhD student, went looking for a standing desk to ease her neck and back pain. Unable to find a well-designed desk she could afford, she and her boyfriend Mathias, an engineering grad, decided to build their own. The desk they eventually landed on not only relieved Daphne’s aches and pains, but it led to bigger questions about our culture’s unhealthy work and study habits, and a growing desire to do something about it—starting in the early years when those habits are first formed (see My First StandUp). Jaswig and its “standing revolution” were born.