Our Jarvis Warranty in human-friendly English

The 10-year warranty on our Jarvis desk frame is fair to both us and our customers. If the Jarvis frame is not working because of a defect, then we will cover the costs. If the desk is damaged by the user, then they will have to cover the costs.

Covered by the warranty

  • The Jarvis frame itself, including the electric motors, control box, and switch. Basically everything that comes in the box.

  • Performance according to published specifications.

  • Defective materials or workmanship in frame.

  • Defects affecting operation of the frame and height adjusting mechanisms.

Not covered by the warranty

  • Normal wear and tear of the desktop or paint finish.

  • Any damages or malfunctions in the product caused by repairs, or attempted repairs, performed by anyone not affiliated with or authorized by Fully.

  • Any product that has been damaged by or subjected to misuse, abnormal handling or impact.

  • Improper assembly or disassembly.

  • Any modifications to electronic components.


  • The Jarvis warranty period begins the day the product is delivered to the customer.

  • This warranty is valid for the original purchaser of the product.

  • We will repair or replace, free of charge, any parts necessary to correct defects in materials or workmanship.

  • We will make an honest assessment when diagnosing the issue.

  • When we are in doubt, we will err on the side of the customer.


To receive warranty service, please see our Warranty Request Form, or contact our support team at 888-508-3725 or support@fully.com.

Warranty Revision 15.1.15 ***This warranty applies to all Jarvis desk bases purchased on or after January 15, 2015.