Jarvis: That's My Boo

Jen MacKaben | September 13, 2016
Large amounts of bambooLarge amounts of bamboo

Personality. Reliability. Something easy on the eyes. What do you look for in a desk? Whatever it may be, trust me when you spot Jarvis in the sea of standing desks, it'll be love at first sight. Equipped with three-tiered adjustable-height legs and two smooth-sailing motors, this one's easy to fall for—especially if it's decked out with a bamboo top.

It's no secret that the Jarvis Bamboo standing desk is a fan favorite around these parts. But it is more than its good looks that make it so. Going bamboo means that you are pro-sustainability. From the harvesting process to the construction techniques, our bamboo desk tops meet and exceed what it means to be eco-conscious.


Jarvis standing desk bamboo detail of desktopJarvis standing desk bamboo detail of desktop
Detail view of Bamboo treeDetail view of Bamboo tree

We don't just promote healthy work environments—we value environmental health as well. When designing the Jarvis, we sought out construction companies who uphold high environmental standards. Our bamboo is sourced from, what is described as a 'Forest City' in rural Zhejiang, China. There, optimal cultivating conditions allow for the bamboo to reach its full height of 98 feet in just one month; this sustainable resource grows 3+ feet every day! And it spreads like wildfire, thus replenishing itself after harvest. Trees, simply, will never regenerate that quickly.


In our tops, layers of vertically-placed bamboo pieces, sandwiched between horizontal bamboo slabs are all pressed together using a water-based, formaldehyde-free glue. This conscious construction translates to a desk top that does not warp with time, or off-gas (we tested and it emits less voc's than a living tree!). Plus, it's real purdy.

Bamboo desktops stacked detail of bamboo Bamboo desktops stacked detail of bamboo
Fully Jarvis Contour standing desk Bamboo detail with Capisco chairFully Jarvis Contour standing desk Bamboo detail with Capisco chair


Whether you are pro-environment, pro-quality, pro-aesthetics, or all three, Jarvis Bamboo's got you.

Jen M.