Suitcase By Suitcase: One Customer's Journey To Work "Fully" In Ecuador

By Nate Barber | September 19, 2018
Jarvis desktop with laptop and Beam LED lamp and wireless speakersJarvis desktop with laptop and Beam LED lamp and wireless speakers

Recently a review of our Jarvis Standing Desk was submitted through our website, and we just had to get in touch with the author, James Wilson, to hear more of his great story. James worked around Ecuador’s expensive import costs to get the Fully office of his dreams, and is an inspiration to anyone who’s serious about their work and their workspace.

When you want to get your workspace just right, sometimes you have to think out of the box — literally — and cart your Jarvis home in checked luggage and carry-ons. Here’s James’ story:

When you work remote and your workspace has to be on-point...even if it requires multiple suitcases

As a senior engineer at Bluespark Labs I've worked remotely from home in Ecuador since around 2008. Bluespark was actually founded as a remote company. We’re a web development agency specializing in open source tech and Ecommerce. I love my job, but I’ve been wanting a Jarvis Standing Desk for probably four years now.

Unfortunately, it is prohibitively expensive to import electronic and luxury items to Ecuador. There is no such thing as an impulse buy when you live here. On a recent trip to visit family back in the US, I finally saw the opportunity to work around the costs and make my new workspace happen.

It took some planning, for sure. I ordered the Jarvis Base Frame with the Alloy finish and had it shipped to my family in Florida so I could pick it up on my visit. My wife and I came prepared with large empty luggage, and were able to split it between 4 bags on our preferred airlines between two of us, and were not charged any overweight baggage fees.

It might sound extreme, but it was worth it!

Suitcase with a disassembled Fully Jarvis desk in itSuitcase with a disassembled Fully Jarvis desk in it

Making my Jarvis uniquely Ecuadorian

Once arriving home, I used a locally sourced exotic hardwood called Fernán Sanchez for the top with dimensions 51" x 31" x 1 3/8" (130 x 79 x 3.5 cm). The finished wood normally tends towards the yellowish-brown, so I used a diluted white patina to lighten it while still being able to see the beautiful grain. I then finished it with a light coat of sealer, then a thicker coat of clear matte lacquer applied by compressed air.

The frame was super easy to set up (it comes with a useful instruction book). I recommend watching the video instructions on YouTube first, then going step-by-step through the instruction booklet. I absolutely love the result. This table feels SOLID. While assembling, you will notice that the machining work on the frame is exact to the mm, the solders are good quality, the alloy finish is applied well to all parts, even the "invisible" ones.

View of James Wilson's Jarvis desktop that he brought to EcuadorView of James Wilson's Jarvis desktop that he brought to Ecuador

Stand-up work is a big change, and Jarvis accessories are a big help

The first few weeks of standing for hours on end were a struggle, but I managed to push through it, thanks in no small part to the awesome Topo Mini Standing Mat. The contours on the mat keep things interesting and keep my legs from fatiguing. Of course, when I get tired of standing I just press a button and sit for a while! Switching it up between sitting and standing is absolutely great.

Aside from the amazing desk itself, the accessories I bought are great. I love the Lumen Desk Lamp; the variety of color tones and hues are awesome for recreating the different spectrums of the evening and morning light. But by far the Topo has to be the clincher for me. The big bump in the middle-back makes it easy to push under the desk and drag out when switching between sit/stand.

Now, if only there was enough room in my carry-on for a pair of monitor arms and the Wire Management Kit...

James Wilson author of Suitcase by Suitcase James Wilson author of Suitcase by Suitcase

Facebook: @james.r.wilson.iii
Twitter: @jwilson3
Instagram: @jrwilson