HAG Capisco Puls Review

Red HAG Capisco Puls in use Red HAG Capisco Puls in use

I walked back into our showroom from lunch, and the chair we’d been waiting nearly a year to get our hands on was casually waiting behind my desk.

The heir to the throne, Capisco Puls has been one of the most highly anticipated chairs since its announcement. Fans of Peter Opsvik’s original design looked forward to a sleeker, simpler version of the incredibly iconic chair, and he delivered. The lightweight molded polyurethane seat and back add a refreshed feel to the design.

The Puls’ ability to make one of the most innovative and modern chairs on the market look somewhat dated was one of the first areas where it impressed. After spending a month with the chair in our office, we are confident that fans of the original Capisco, plus new admirers, will be thrilled with the newest addition to the Capisco family.

Having enjoyed the original Capisco daily for the last year and a half, Puls had some big shoes to fill. All of us spent a significant amount of time in the Puls before forming our opinions on the chair.

We love it.

That’s not to say I’d immediately toss out my original Capisco in favor of the Puls, but we will definitely give it a look when it comes time to replace our chairs. And we certainly have no reservations recommending it to any of our active sitting clients.

The key difference is in the materials. Few people would choose to sit on plastic in favor of foam during their work day – me included. HAG understands this, which is why instead of making the entire seat polyurethane, they included foam padding where you need it most. The strip of foam on the seat makes a difference when you’re sitting in the chair for more than an hour at a time.

That brings us to what we feel is the most appropriate way to use the Capisco Puls. We advocate active sitting, and Puls is great for active sitters. We all use quick-adjusting height adjustable desks, and the ability to sit and stand for an hour at a time is perfect for the Puls. If you do significantly more sitting than standing, the extra cushion on the original Capisco might be better suited to your work habits.

All of the same benefits you find in other saddle seats are standard features on the Puls, including cutouts in the seat pan for your legs to hang down, allowing you to more evenly distribute your weight. The cutouts of course also facilitate proper pelvic position (tilted slightly forward) which allow your back to form a natural S-shape curve.

Another difference is the base and color options. The Puls is available in five sleek shell colors, and a new nylon base option. Featuring the same style and shape as the standard Capisco, the nylon options are exclusive to the Puls.

Other than the optional nylon base, the Puls and the original are identical from the seat down. The patented balanced movement mechanism delivers all of the features that has made the Capisco one of the most versatile chairs on the market for decades. Puls is of course available with three different pneumatic lifts, the same lifts as used on the original Capisco. The tall, 265mm pneumatic lift is ideal for working at a sit-stand desk.

As you can tell, we’re definitely excited about the Puls. If you have any questions, please drop us an email.