Futu Desk Chair by HÅG

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This classic desk chair adds HÅG’s patented Balance system, letting you shift weight off your tailbone and engage your legs and core, no matter your body type or size.

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For the active traditionalist

An evolved take on the classic desk chair, the European designed Futu has it all: beautiful styling, ergonomic design, exceptional engineering, and a minimal carbon footprint that has earned it a number of sustainability accolades.

Balance to relieve back pain

Though it may not have the immediate appearance of an active sitting chair, Futu has HÅG’s patented “Balance Movement Mechanism,” which uniquely puts the pivot point of the chair directly under the center of the seat pan. By re-adjusting your body’s center of gravity while sitting, this Balance feature works intuitively to shift the weight off your tailbone, engage your legs and core, and then redistribute it throughout the rest of your body.

Instead of just the seat back tilting, the whole chair—back and seat pan—is connected in rocking, leaning, reclining harmony to keep your body comfortable and engaged so your mind can stay focused on your work.

The edge of the seat pan is sloped like a waterfall. This waterfall, working in unison with the Balance Movement Mechanism, lets you tilt forward to drop your knees below your hips, better align your spine, thus shifting the weight off your tailbone and relieving the pressure from your lower back.

Simple, but not simplistic

Unlike some of the more expensive adjustable task chairs, Futu really focused on simplicity. Understanding these adjustments rarely get set properly, Futu’s Balance system was designed to just work intuitively regardless of body shape and size. Therefore, 90% of Futu sitters should not have to adjust anything beyond seat height. Futu even takes upholstery to the next level, with a polyester knit specially developed to retain its tautness for years—and years—of comfort and support. Proudly manufactured for over 50 years in the remote town of Røros, Norway, Futu comes with a 10-year warranty.

fully futu desk chair dimensionsfully futu desk chair dimensions
Details and dimensions 
  • Height of backrest: 23.6”
  • Height of lumbar support: 16.7”- 8.85”
  • Seat depth: 14.7” - 17.7”
  • Height armrests: 7.9” - 11.8”
  • Seat width: 18.1”
  • Chair width: 24” - 28.2”
  • Footbase diameter: 28.75”
  • Weight: 35.7 lbs
  • 10 year warranty on pneumatic lift
  • 5 year warranty on arm caps, casters, back liners and exposed wood parts & finished parts
  • 3 year warranty on upholstery
  • View Futu Desk Chair assembly instructions as PDF
  • 100% free of heavy metals
  • Dyed without using chromium salts
  • Finest quality polyester knit
  • Contains 36% of recycled material (post-consumer and post-industrial waste)
Shipping dimensions
Product 30"   27"  15" 42 lbs 
Shipping details
  • Futu ships via FedEx Ground from Portland, OR or Nottingham, MD

A chair to feel good in, and about

HÅG has been a pioneer in active sitting for over 75 years now, designing chairs for the human body and how it moves. But to be a Fully chair, a chair must not only look good and feel good, it be must be good—from its material to its making, it must leave as little trace on the planet as possible. It’s a standard we hold all of our products to at Fully, and the reason we are especially excited about Futu and our partnership with HÅG.

For its minimal carbon footprint, use of 36% recycled waste, and zero harmful chemicals, HÅG’s thoughtfully designed Futu has won high honors, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and Green Good Design Award. Beyond using recycled materials in their design of Futu, HÅG has eliminated the need for adhesives, making 95% of the chair (everything but the foam) also recyclable at the end of its life. Futu is also Greenguard certified, meaning it emits no harmful gases, and it carries an Environmental Product Declaration verifying its low CO2 emissions. All of which makes this exceptional chair as comfortable on the conscience as it is on the body.