Fully Community Showed Their Kids The Love In Our Back To School Sweepstakes

Nate Barber | September 20, 2018
Child drawing on a Fully Jarvis kids whiteboard standing desk with a red tic tok tykeChild drawing on a Fully Jarvis kids whiteboard standing desk with a red tic tok tyke

We’re lucky to count some passionate parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and overall kid-champions in our Fully community. As our recent Instagram Back to School Sweepstakes revealed, they’re dedicated to helping their kids learn through movement and fueling their learning with an active workspace. Here are some of the inspiring and fun reasons they want to create a Fully Active Kids workspace for the special kiddos in their lives.

From our lucky sweepstakes winners

We're so jazzed!!! Thank you! Our desks already match, this is going to be great. Our son so needed a dedicated space (he didn’t have one before!). He used to have to color on the floor! Thank you SO much. The kids LOVE it!

Our kindergartener loves using his new Jarvis desk. We just rearranged our office after the addition of the Whiteboard Jarvis, with the L-Shaped Jarvis and a Jarvis with a contoured top for the adults. We love our desks!!

We supplement our kid's Montessori schooling with at home nature studies. Thank you so much for the desk and chair! We love Fully and now we will have to get a desk and chair for our younger one who will be starting Kindergarten next year!

From our amazing Fully community

Two children work and draw on a Jarvis Kids standing deskTwo children work and draw on a Jarvis Kids standing desk
There's enough space for two! (almost) photo via @timothybroder

“I wanna be a good big-brother. His birthday just passed and I didn’t get him anything...but I know he’d love a chair like the Swoppster. He’s constantly bouncing around on his bed. Just imagine the fun he’d have with that chair!” 

“Our son is starting his sophomore year in high school. This is the year that homework really hits heavy. A new stand up desk would help motivate him to stay alert and healthy while working hard to do well in school.”

“My little sister needs a Jarvis Whiteboard Desk because I want her to have a completely different childhood than I did. I was forced to grow up and be the responsible little kid so childhood went by really fast and was really difficult. My sister doesn’t have to do that because I am here to slow it down a little bit. I always wanted my own place to create things, to create ideas and I never got this. Of course, if she won this, it would be all hers. No sharing. A place for her mind to run wild like a little kid’s should!”

“I’m an occupational therapist serving in an urban school district working daily to provide students with alternative options for seating to improve attention, posture, and fine motor skills. My students would love this!”

“My son deserves a better workspace to do his homework because he’s the hardest working kid I know. He always does his best at everything he does. He loves school and does well, but he has so much energy, he would rather stand to do his work. He would use this desk every day!”

“As my 3rd grader is the youngest of seven kids, I would love for him to be able to have his own special workplace. I am a Fully Jarvis desk owner myself, and we have truly become Fully fans! What a wonderful way to pass this tradition to our little boy! Thank you Fully for your amazing products!"

“All of @annakatstuart’s fifth graders would love this. She’d have kids lining up to be teacher’s pets so they could use the standing whiteboard desk.”

Active seating or turntables? Photo via @timothybroder
It's okay to draw outside the lines, if you want. photo via @timothybroder

“My sweet Oliver is getting ready to start school and he would absolutely love this desk! Ollie suffers from a brain disorder called Apraxia but it’s not held him back at all! He’s very energetic and loves to learn! A standing desk would be perfect for him in his studies!❤️❤️❤️”

“I absolutely love my Fully desk, and I’ve purchased 3 more chairs as well that I use at work, at home, and one extra for my artist husband. My 10-year-old daughter has taken over one of the chairs, and has some serious desk envy. She’s going to be hybrid homeschooled this coming year, and providing her with a Fully desk would be AMAZING! Thank you Fully, for this wonderful opportunity to share the #fullylove with Aster. 5th grade will be her most memorable year ever!”

“Wow, how awesome would this be?! We don't have a designated homework desk, area to use for our three kids. We just use the kitchen table. This would be awesome for all three to be able to use. Two of them are in high school and the other’s in elementary school. We could finally put it upstairs, where they can make all the noise they want. What a great space to keep focused!”

“Sitting in one place for a lengthy time is hard enough for an adult, nigh impossible when you’re 5. I use a Fully Jarvis at work and know how helpful and beneficial it can be to keep both your body and mind engaged at the same time. My son would love to have a desk (‘like dad’s’) from Fully.”

“My 4-year-old daughter would love this desk! She has limited mobility due to a birth defect that affects her spinal cord. She uses a wheelchair out in the community, so any opportunity to practice standing is very beneficial to her development.”

“My little sister deserves this because I want her to be able to create and experience learning and creativity with fun. Also so she can learn to study the best way and excel in school.”

“I would love to win this for my boys. Especially my 12-year-old autistic son, he moves a lot and this will allow him the freedom of standing while doing his work, while not be confined to a seat. This would be great!”

A kid stands at his Jarvis Kids standing desk in his roomA kid stands at his Jarvis Kids standing desk in his room
Hard at work/play. Photo via @timothybroder
A kid learns and plays at his standing deskA kid learns and plays at his standing desk
A Montessori education, continued at home. Photo via @flin_learning

“My daughter has so much energy she can’t be contained by traditional desks! The Jarvis Whiteboard Desk looks amazing and my daughter would love drawing all over it.”

“My 2-year-old daughter would have a desk she can color on! She runs around the house yelling ‘color’ because it’s her new favorite activity.”

“My first grader absolutely deserves a workspace this great. She's a great older sibling to her 18-month-old sister, but I know it frustrates her when the baby gets into her workspace. An adjustable desk that keeps thing out of little sister's reach would be amazing! Plus, the standing desk concept is a super way to keep her active!”

“That’s true! All of my fifth graders would love to have this! Especially my active learners!❤️❤️”

“My son is a super high energy ants-in-his-pants student. I think he’d really benefit from a standing, fidget-friendly workspace!”

“The Jarvis Whiteboard Desk is such a wonderful desk—both of our kids could enjoy! They’re starting Kindergarten and Pre-K this year. I love that Jarvis can adjust for each of their heights and grows with them as they grow, helping to promote and encourage staying with a task (especially for our son). It would be a great place for homework, a place of encouragement where he can work and move around as he does, as opposed to being forced to sit in a chair in one spot which is so difficult for him."

“I tutor little cuties and anything that makes learning fun is worth its weight in gold. Awesome table and cutesy chairs!"


We’re so grateful for the opportunity to hear from you—thank you everyone, for sharing yours and your little one’s stories! Here’s looking forward to getting every kid the tools they need to excel in their work and play.

A cat sleeps on top of a Jarvis Kids whiteboard standing deskA cat sleeps on top of a Jarvis Kids whiteboard standing desk
When the kids are away, the cats will play. Photo via @flin_learning