The Jaswig Story: From Kid’s Desk To College Companion.

Nate Barber | July 27, 2017
Child working at Jaswig kids standing deskChild working at Jaswig kids standing desk
Daphne the designer of the Jaswig standing deskDaphne the designer of the Jaswig standing desk

This is Daphne.

While studying for her PhD, Daphne was trapped at a terrible desk. It’s something that’s happened to all of us. Whether it’s a hand-me-down or some other desk we’re made to navigate out of necessity, the decision to kick our familiar desks to the curb is not one that comes easily.

Daphne had given her desk an honest run, but working long hours with a broken posture only exacerbated her condition: her neck and shoulders were now an aching distraction. Eventually, the pain led to a series of disabling migraines.

The only way around her cramps and headaches required a change in posture. Daphne, who’d began reading up on sit/stand desks, found her suspicions confirmed in news that Google, Facebook and so many other companies were swapping out their employee’s old desks for standing desks to increase productivity, creativity and overall happiness and health. She had an epiphany, that if these huge companies were finding results in standing desks, then why are we still making our children sit down at school everyday? Maybe it was because there were so few options, since the desks she found to correct her posture and allow for sitting and standing were either too bulky or out of her student’s budget.

 This is Mathias.

Mathias followed his Belgian undergraduate degree as a structural engineer to study for his Masters in Engineering and Management at Case Western Reserve, in Cleveland Ohio when he decided to tackle Daphne’s desk solution, as any loving boyfriend would. With Daphne’s input, Mathias’s expertise and design sensibility (and their convenient access to a CNC router) they got to work. Together with a friend, Mathias began drawing the first sketches of Daphne’s new desk.

Mathias the designer of the Jaswig standing deskMathias the designer of the Jaswig standing desk
Initial sketch of Jaswig standing deskInitial sketch of Jaswig standing desk

The initial sketches

The idea was to build a desk, completely made of wood, designed by students for students—one that Daphne could adjust manually and easily disassemble for the frequent moves a student endures. But they didn’t just want to design a desk for Daphne who was arriving late to the sit-stand game and was struggling to unlearn her old bad habits. They also wanted to develop a kid’s desk as well, since old habits are hard to change, their desk could inspire better behaviours from a young age.

In partnership with their friends they created Jaswig, an active and adjustable standing desk designed in two specialised models:

My First Stand-Up, the standing desk that grows up with your child (K-8). It’s all wood, no-pinch design makes it ideal for little fingers and kids who want to be kids, but still need to get their homework done.

Child working at Jaswig kids standing deskChild working at Jaswig kids standing desk



The Stand-Up Nomad, ideal for high school and college—students who find the desk fits perfectly not only in their often cramped, makeshift workspaces but nicely within a student’s budget as well.

Jaswig standing desk in a brick living room besides book shelves Jaswig standing desk in a brick living room besides book shelves

An idea this good is hard to keep a secret. What began as Daphne’s custom desk soon got the attention of their friends and a kickstarter was born. Here at Fully, we were immediately intrigued by Jaswig. We were delighted to discover that, like us, Jaswig’s founders are committed to environmental and social responsibility, sourcing the desk’s birch from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Counsel (FSC), ensuring their birch sustainably provides the highest environmental, social, and economic benefits. Additionally, Jaswig’s attractive finish is a special varnish with low-VOC levels.

After their incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign we couldn’t be more humbled to become their first exclusive partner here in the US. Jaswig’s versatile yet simple and sturdy construction settles perfectly among Fully’s select line of desks at a price point we have not yet been able to represent. We’re excited to offer Jaswig to kids and students of all ages, and to grow with them for years to come!

Jaswig standing desk on a white backgroundJaswig standing desk on a white background