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Looking for an easy way to start moving? Our standing desk converter lets you turn any fixed-height surface, like your kitchen island or your beloved vintage desk into an active workstation.

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  2. fully cora standing desk converter extended on desk white Cora Standing Desk Converter 50% off

    Cora Standing Desk Converter

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    Cooper Standing Desk Converter

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Your Fully Questions, Answered (FAQ)

What is a standing desk converter?

  • A standing desk converter, also known as a standing desk riser, instantly transforms nearly any surface into an ergonomic, height adjustable workstation. Our standing desk converters are easy to use; you simply engage the levers to raise the desk to your preferred height, and engage the levers again while pressing down on the surface of the desk to lower it. We offer 2 affordable adjustable desk risers: the Cooper Standing Desk Converter, which is larger with a built-in keyboard tray, and the Cora Standing Desk Converter that is sleek and compact enough to store and transport anywhere. Both arrive fully assembled so you’re ready to work within minutes.

How can I turn my desk into a stand up desk?

  • It’s easy to turn your desk or any fixed-height surface into a standing desk with our standing desk risers. Simply set the adjustable desk riser on top of your fixed-height desk. When you want to stand, it’s easy to raise the standing desk riser, you simply engage the side lever, and the gas cylinder raises the riser in one fluid motion. To lower the riser, engage the lever and push down on the surface.

Are sit stand desk converters worth it?

  • Sit stand desk converters are a budget-friendly option because they make it easy to set up an active workstation without having to get rid of the desk you’re currently using. A stand up desk converter is also an economical way to bring movement into your work without taking up additional space. Standing desk converters are light weight and very easy to move from room to room in your home, making them even more versatile.

What should I look for in a stand up desk converter?

  • When considering a stand up desk converter, there are many important things to consider.

    • You should choose a desk riser that is compact enough to sit on the fixed-height surface you already work from.
    • The stand up desk converter should be easy to assemble and use right out of the box.
    • The lifting capacity and dimensions are also important. It should be able to hold the items that you want to keep on the desk riser while you work.

How tall should my sit stand desk converter be?

  • The standing desk riser should allow you to set the height at the best ergonomic positioning for your body when sitting and standing. To measure the ergonomic sitting or standing height for your body, you should sit or stand flat footed and extend your arms at a 90° angle, then drop your forearms a couple of inches so your fingertips touch the surface of the desk riser. Both of our Cooper Standing Desk Converter and Cora Standing Desk Converter are designed to meet these ergonomic standards so you can work comfortably when seated or standing throughout the day.