Ergonomic Desk and Task Chairs

Stylish, modern office chairs that bring movement into your workday

Easily adjustable and designed to support you in a variety of seating positions, these desk chairs are built for all-day comfort. Whether in the office, conference room, or your home workspace, our task chairs encourage natural movement while providing optimal back support.

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  1. Sayl chair by Herman Miller in black Sayl Chair by Herman Miller

    Sayl Chair by Herman Miller

    An intelligently designed office chair
    Starts at £719.00
  2. Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

    Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

    The iconic ergonomic desk chair
    Starts at £1,311.00
  3. fully-website/product/herman-miller-cosm-chair/base-images/fully-herman-miller-cosm_01.PD_2515454_100140870_a-01 Cosm Chair by Herman Miller

    Cosm Chair by Herman Miller

    A modern, responsive desk chair
    Starts at £1,275.00
  4. fully iloa saddle chair black ILOA Saddle Chair New Fabric

    ILOA Saddle Chair

    A saddle chair with more leg support
    Starts at £295.99 £370.00
  5. fully knoll regeneration chair pebble back pebble seat ReGeneration Desk Chair by Knoll Bestseller

    ReGeneration Desk Chair by Knoll

    Light, compact, and super-comfy
    Starts at £555.00
  6. Alani desk chair with white base and blue upholstery Alani Desk Chair

    Alani Desk Chair

    A stylish, adjustable desk chair
    Starts at £303.19 £379.00
  7. fully iloa saddle chair red ILOA Saddle Chair 25% off

    ILOA Saddle Chair

    A saddle chair with more leg support
    Starts at £222.00 £370.00
  8. Numo chair white wood base Numo Chair by aeris

    Numo Chair by aeris

    Timeless, versatile, ingenious
    Starts at £149.40 £249.00
  9. fully-website/product/fully-balans/base-images/fully-balans-slate-c-v1_kfjkxy Fully Balans Kneeling Chair New Fabric

    Fully Balans Kneeling Chair

    Now with even more originality
    Starts at £287.21 £359.00
  10. fully-website/product/tic-toc-balans/base-images/fully-tic-toc-balans-clay-c-v1_yncdok Tic Toc Balans Kneeling Chair New Fabric

    Tic Toc Balans Kneeling Chair

    A perfect marriage of balance and movement
    Starts at £319.20 £399.00

Your Fully Questions, Answered (FAQ)

What is a task chair? What is a task chair designed for?

  • Task chairs, also known as desk chairs, work best at a traditional seated-height desk. They are designed to support the body throughout the workday.

What should I look for in a task chair?

  • There are hundreds of task chairs available, but most are not ergonomically designed, despite being labeled as such. To find one that is truly designed to support your body, look for one that doesn’t lock your body into one position all day. Avoid chairs with heavy padding, a seat that forces your legs into a 90-degree angle, and a lack of recline. Learn more about what makes for a healthy task chair.

Are task chairs comfortable?

  • Task chairs are traditionally the most comfortable desk chairs available. However, beware of task chairs that are meant to keep you “comfortably seated” for an entire day. A good task chair should facilitate movement and healthy posture, rather than locking you into a seated position with layers of squishy padding all day. You may be comfortable in the moment, only to suffer from soreness and pain as a result of sitting all day.