Whiteboard Standing Desks

The best standing desk for all your creative projects

Our whiteboard desks help keep your creative ideas flowing, whether you work sitting, standing, or anywhere in between. From to-do lists to reminders to your next brilliant idea, this desktop whiteboard lets you quickly jot down your thoughts.

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Your Fully Questions, Answered (FAQ)

Are whiteboard desks good?

  • Whiteboard desks are good because they let you easily keep track of your ideas, make to-do lists, and brainstorm creative concepts directly onto your desktop whiteboard. Our adjustable-height whiteboard tables can be used at a sitting height, standing height, and everywhere in between, and boast a smooth and seamless texture that is easy to write on and allows the dry erase ink to dry quickly. Whiteboard desktops help elevate your productivity while giving you a creative way to express your thoughts as they occur throughout the day.

How do you clean your whiteboard desktop?

  • Our desktop dry erase boards are easy to clean, just use mild soap and water or any cleaning solution that comes with your dry erase markers. You can also use a dry erase marker eraser to quickly edit or erase the notes on your whiteboard desk surface.

Do desktop whiteboards last?

  • The standing desk whiteboards we offer with our desks are covered by a 5-year warranty. The desktop also has a protective finish that will keep the desk dry erase board looking brand new even with long-term, daily use. The whiteboard desktop finish is sealed and will not allow the dry erase ink to stain or discolor the surface of the desktop whiteboard.

What markers can you use on a whiteboard table?

  • You can use any kind of dry erase markers on our whiteboard desks. Just make sure the markers are clearly labeled for use on dry erase boards and are not permanent.