L-Shaped and Corner Standing Desks

Attractive, stable, durable, and easy to assemble.

Our corner desks are fully customizable, you can choose many different desktop sizes and easily assemble the L-shaped desk in a left or right facing orientation, to best support your active workflow.

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Your Fully Questions, Answered (FAQ)

Are L-shaped desks worth it?

  • L-shaped office desks are a great option if you have a larger space for a desk in your office, and want the freedom to work sitting, standing, and everywhere in between. L-shaped standing desks join two desktop surfaces together to create the L-shaped orientation, which provides a much larger workspace than a standard rectangular desk. Having two joined desktops can make multi-tasking on different projects much easier. We offer 2 desktop sizes for our corner desks: 160 x 180 cm and 160 x 200 cm. We also allow you to purchase just the L-shaped standing desk frame, so you can install your own custom desktops onto the desk frame.

Does an L desk have to go in the corner?

  • No, an L-shaped computer desk does not have to go in the corner of your office. Our L-shaped standing desks are fully customizable, you can choose which desktop you want to have on the left or right side to create the L-shaped orientation. This versatility allows you to find the perfect positioning for the desk within your workspace. Some customers choose to put their L-desk against a single wall and let the other side of their desk divide their office space in a creative way.

Do corner computer desks save space?

  • Yes, a corner computer desk can save space, because it offers two work surfaces in one piece of furniture. This flexibility will give you extra space to work on, or place other important office equipment like a printer or supplies that may currently be taking up other valuable space in your office.