Jaswig - My First Standup

Special Price €219.01 €181.00 Regular Price €249.01 €205.79

A sturdy adjustable-height desk that teaches healthy working habits from kindergarten through middle-school and into your child’s bright future.

Special Price €219.01 €181.00 Regular Price €249.01 €205.79
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The desk that grows up with your kids

Inspired by the look of vintage ‘60s school desks, but with modern materials and human-centered functionality, Jaswig's My First StandUp is what school desks should have been all along.

My First StandUp was designed to bring movement where it’s needed most, in the formative years when our kids are best able to acquire lifelong healthy habits. To reach as many children as possible, we kept the design simple, the cost low, and made a durable and adjustable desk that would grow with children from kindergarten all the way through the middle school years. The desk can be easily and safely (no pinched fingers) adjusted up and down and up again—just lift and lock the desktop into place for a safe and stable work surface.

The desk is made entirely of natural materials, from the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified birch plywood, to the low-VOC, low-formaldehyde varnish which can help maintain your indoor air quality and protect the planet.

Ready to graduate to the adult-size Nomad or Jarvis Standing Desk? Just call our customer service team to donate your kid’s desk and receive a $50 discount on your purchase.

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Find the best fit

Looking for a desk that fits the needs of both you and your child? Our Jarvis Standing Desks now come in three different height ranges to match your unique lifestyle.

fully jaswig my first standup kids desk dimensionsfully jaswig my first standup kids desk dimensions
Details and dimensions 
  • Height range: 69 - 89 cm
  • Max supported weight: 50 kg
  • 6 heights in 3.8 cm increments Suited for ages 6 to 12 years
  • Open storage cubby
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Patent information
  • NBN EN 12521 standardised (Furniture strength, Durability & Safety)
  • View Jaswig assembly instructions as PDF
  • FSC-certified Birch plywood
  • Built-in ergonomic footrest
  • Low-VOC, low-formaldehyde varnish
Shipping dimensions
Product Length Width Height Weight
Jaswig My First Standup Kids Desk  66 cm 58 cm 15 cm 10.5 kg
Shipping details
  • All Jaswig desks ship next business day via TNT from Belgium.
fully jaswig my first standup kids desk kids jaswig and jaswig nomad lifestyle photo_feat_v1.jpgfully jaswig my first standup kids desk kids jaswig and jaswig nomad lifestyle photo_feat_v1.jpg

Kindergarten, the perfect place to start a revolution

Behind this simple desk is an audacious vision: to change our culture’s sedentary ways by getting kids up and moving at an early age. Not only is movement so vitally important to good health—physical, mental and emotional—but as every parent and teacher can tell you, when kids are given the opportunity to burn energy in a productive way, they are much better able to focus on their work. Children thrive on movement, and for some—like Jaswig cofounder Mathias, who dealt with ADD as a kid—the option to stand can make all the difference in their experience of school and feelings of success.