Shipping information

Answers to all your shipping questions can be found in the information below. Don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care team if you still have questions.


Shipments during Corona and Brexit adjustment period
Fully’s internal operations have adapted to Corona restrictions to allow our employees to work safely while getting shipments out of our fulfillment center in 1-2 business days. However, our shipping partner (TNT) advises us that “high volume of shipments, COVID 19 closures and increase in border controls may cause delivery delays.” This is primarily affecting customs operations, and a small percentage of our shipments to the UK and Switzerland have experienced delays. These carry a critical priority for our customer service team, so we can solve these issues as quickly as we can.

Does Fully offer free shipping?
We offer free shipping on all products. For custom orders, we may charge shipping fees, but that will be stated clearly during the ordering process. For some countries outside the EU, we do charge customs fees at checkout.

What will be my estimated delivery date?

All orders received before 9AM Central European Time are transferred to our fulfillment center. They ship that day or the following business day. Then, from shipment date, add your transit time (in business days) from the map to determine the most likely day of delivery. Especially in times with heightened online ordering, there can be delays in shipping times, more so if your packages must pass through customs. If you have questions, please contact us.

Can I choose the day/date of delivery?
We want to accommodate your preferred delivery date as much as we can. That said, delivery times are not 100% predictable, so we can only control the shipping time (the date it leaves our fulfillment center). Please contact us to arrange a shipping date that meets your needs.

Can I choose the hour of delivery?
Unfortunately, we do not offer this.

Which courier does Fully use?
TNT is our shipping partner. In some countries, TNT uses subcontractors, but this should not affect their service.

Do the couriers install the goods?
Couriers do not perform installations. If you are looking for an installation service, please contact us.

Do the couriers bring packages to apartments/other floors?
Couriers deliver packages to your postal address or letterbox on the ground floor. 


Transit time

Albania (7-day transit)

Andorra (5-day transit)

Austria (2-day transit)

Belgium (24h transit)

Bosnia And Herzegovina (6-day transit)

Bulgaria (4-day transit)

Croatia (3-day transit)

Cyprus (5-day transit)

Czech Republic (2-day transit)

Denmark (2-day transit)

Estonia (3-day transit)

Finland (2-day transit)

France (2-day transit)

Germany (2-day transit)

Gibraltar (6-day transit)

Greece (4-day transit)

Guernsey (5-day transit)

Holy See (Vatican City State 3 day transit)

Hungary (2-day transit)

Iceland (2-day transit)

Ireland (3-day transit)

Isle Of Man (5-day transit)

Italy (2-day transit)

Jersey (5-day transit)

Latvia (3-day transit)

Liechtenstein (2-day transit)

Lithuania (3-day transit)

Luxembourg (2-day transit)

Malta (4-day transit)

Monaco (2-day transit)

Netherlands (2-day transit)

Norway (2-day transit)

Poland (2-day transit)

Portugal (3-day transit)

Romania (3-day transit)

San Marino (3-day transit)

Serbia (5-day transit)

Slovakia (2-day transit)

Slovenia (3-day transit)

Spain (3-day transit)

Sweden (2-day transit)

Switzerland (2-5 day transit)

UK (2-5 day transit)



What do we do if packages are damaged?
If you see any damages to the delivered packages that might be caused by the courier, please let her/him know! They will help you to fill out a form or add a note to the delivery that the packages are damaged which is handy for the file that we hold on that shipment and makes life much easier for us and TNT.

When do we receive the tracking number?
As we explained above, the goods are picked up at our warehouse by the courier the same day we processed your order (note that this can be the day after you have made the order as we lump orders together and pass them through every 24 hours to the warehouse). The courier comes towards the end of the day to give our warehouse the time to pick all the orders and set them up for shipment. From the moment the courier has picked up the goods and has accepted them into their warehouse they will send you a tracking number.

If you haven't received a mail with a tracking number, first look in your junk mail folder as the mail is sent from TNT's domains and thus might end up there. If you don't find anything in your junk mailbox please contact us via phone, email or chat!