Rethink sitting.

A collectiion of active sitting chairs from Fully, rethink sittingA collectiion of active sitting chairs from Fully, rethink sitting


There’s a smarter, healthier way to sit. It’s called active sitting and it’s transforming the way people feel at work—and beyond—by focusing on one simple but profound idea: the human body was meant to move. While traditional ergonomics tried to lock the body into one “perfect” position, active sitting supports the body’s natural need for movement—improving posture, circulation, energy, and flow so you can show up more fully at work, and in the world.

The 3 keys to healthy sitting:

1. Say no to 90-degrees.

Traditional chairs force the body into 90-degree postures, but science has shown that dropping your knees below your hips takes pressure off your tailbone, engages your core, brings your spine into healthier alignment, and improves your circulation—plus it just feels better.


2. Move freely.

Our bodies weren’t meant to stand all day, or sit all day—our bodies were meant to move. Even while sitting, giving your body the freedom to make those small adjustments you need to stay balanced and engaged—shifting your weight, stretching your legs, opening your hips, even bouncing—can make all the difference in how you feel, and in what kind of energy you bring to your work and day.

3. Listen to your body.

There’s no such thing as the perfect posture. The right posture is the one that feels right in the moment. Whether it’s a stretch when you’re feeling tight, a hip-opening shift to align your spine, or a supported standing position when your legs need a break, active sitting keeps you fluidly moving in tune with your body’s changing needs. 

Find the one that moves you.
A collection of active sitting chairs from Fully A collection of active sitting chairs from Fully

 To help you find the active chair that’s right for your body and workspace, we’ve organized our collection by people’s preferred styles of engaging in their work. Each chair has its own unique way of aligning your spine, opening your hips, activating your core, and encouraging healthy movement throughout your day.

Active traditionalists

Intelligently engineered to encourage you to intuitively rock, twist, stretch, and lean according to your body’s changing needs, these evolved ergonomic desk chairs facilitate movement and bring greater health and comfort to all-day sitters.

  1. fully futu desk chair dusk
    Futu Desk Chair by HÅG
    For the active traditionalist
    Starts at €675.00 €557.85
  2. Capisco Chair by HÅG
    Capisco Chair by HÅG
    Most versatile all-day chair
    Starts at €1,100.00 €909.09


Somewhere between standing up and traditional sitting, there is this leaning position that relieves lower back pain caused by sitting on your tailbone. These supported-standing chairs take weight off your back, align the spine, open up the hips, engage the core, and give just the right amount of support to activate your body's natural ability to find balance.

  1. fully iloa saddle chair black
    ILOA Saddle Chair
    A saddle chair with more leg support
    Starts at €425.00 €351.24


Great choice for the fidgeter, these rocking, swaying, bouncing chairs encourage healthy, energy-bringing movement to keep your body engaged and your mind focused.

  1. fully tic toc chair natural front view
    Tic Toc Chair
    Move-without-thinking-about-it chair
    Starts at €265.00 €219.01


  1. fully balans kneeling chair gray
    Fully Balans Kneeling Chair
    Now with even more originality
    Starts at €399.00 €329.75
  2. fully tic toc chair natural front view
    Tic Toc Chair
    Move-without-thinking-about-it chair
    Starts at €265.00 €219.01