How to design a home office you love

If you’re going to devote your valuable time at home working, you should spend that time in a space that brings out the best in you—a home office that makes you come alive, feel good in your body, and do your most inspired work. 

 1. Let’s start with your desk


If you want to change your experience of work, one of the single best things you can do, without exception, is invest in an adjustable height standing desk. No matter the size of your space or budget, we can help you find your perfect desk.


Standing desk converters
Starting at € 199

Our Cora and Cooper converters let you turn any surface into a standing desk. Perfect for those who want to join the active office movement but aren’t quite ready to leave behind their fixed-height desk.

For small spaces and budgets
Starting at € 349

For the converted closet or kitchen office—or for those wanting a smaller desk footprint in a larger space—try our compact and lightweight Jaswig.

Jarvis standing desks
Starting at € 649.01

The world’s best-reviewed adjustable-height desk. With industry-leading lifting capacity, LED programmable handset, and a selection of sizes, configurations, and surfaces, Jarvis will forever change your relationship to work.

Jarvis, small to big and every which way

When finding just the right Jarvis to fit your space, needs, and style, be sure to leave enough room around your desk for your lamp, cabinet, and any other accessories you want to add—as well as plenty of space for you to move around.


Jarvis Standing Desk

A wide range of options make Jarvis adaptable to any space—office to kitchen.


Desktop size range:

Surface options:

Signature bamboo, laminate, handcrafted hardwood, designer Ply, wood veneer and whiteboard.

Jarvis Crank-Powered Standing Desk

Perfect for spaces with no easy access to an electrical outlet.


Desktop size range:

Surface options:

Signature bamboo, laminate and handcrafted hardwood.

Jarvis L-Shaped Standing Desk

Modern, versatile, adjustable. Finally, a corner desk that doesn’t make you feel like you’re stuck in the corner.


Desktop size range:

Surface options:

Bamboo and laminate.

Jarvis tops and frames: beautiful inside and out


Sustainable bamboo grown without pesticides or fertilisers. Finished with our super tough UV-cured, water-based polyurethane coating.


Waterproof and scratch resistant with heavy-duty, GREENGUARD high-density particle board core made of 100% pre-consumer recycled wood fiber. 


Finished with water-based, all-natural stain to bring out the wood’s natural character, and a clear coat of polyurethane for water-resistance and durability.


Greenguard-certified, scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and ready to capture your every brilliant idea. High-density particle board core is made from recycled wood fibers, and its surface is a high-pressure laminate with vinyl edging.

Designer Ply

With a core of cross-laminated Baltic Birch, Designer Ply tops are built to be as tough as they are handsome. A high-grade Ecolab-approved finish ensures that they're scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

Wood Veneer

Sustainably made from a blend of fast-growing Obeche and Poplar trees, Wood Veneer is a 100% natural wood veneer with all the warmth and elegance of solid wood without the natural irregularities and defects.

For your frame, we have four colour options to match your setup, each one built to last and covered by our 15-year warranty.





2. Next: which active chair is right for you?


Better health and energy at work doesn’t mean standing all day—the true key to feeling your best is movement. By listening to your body, and switching positions from standing, to supported standing, to sitting, you keep your body aligned and engaged, and your energy flowing. If you’re new to active sitting, here’s a guide to help you find the perfect active chair for you.

Our most popular, from task chair to portable perch

For Standing Desks

Sit, stand, lean, stretch—the more you move, the better you feel. Take a look at our favorite active sitting chairs, from saddle seats to perching stools to chairs that sit a little higher than a traditional task chair.

For Traditional Desks

Whether you’re sitting at a lowered adjustable-height desk or a fixed-height work surface, these office chairs are designed to encourage healthy, energy-bringing movement.

For Kneelers

Refresh of the famed 1979 “Balans” kneeling chair, these modern kneelers are designed to relieve back tension by opening the hips and engaging your core.

For Small Spaces

The most take-with-able and hide-away-able of our active sitting chairs, each one engages the legs and core for a healthier posture and happier back.

3. The final touch: accessories to bring your space to life


Now that you’ve got your perfect desk setup, it’s time to turn it into a truly active workspace. Here are our best tools for supporting healthy posture, relieving neck and back strain, creating your ideal lighting, and keeping your workspace organised and peaceful.


Standing mats & boards

Designed to support and cushion standing work by encouraging the subtle movements your body needs to stay comfortable, balanced, and energised.

Shop Standing mats & boards

Wire management & power

Power up your devices, tame your cords, and keep your workspace clutter-free.

Shop Wire management & power

Arms, shelves, & stands

Keep your neck and back happy by elevating your monitor to eye-level. See your options, including our portable Roost Laptop Stand for travellers and coffee-shop workers.

Shop Arms, shelves, & stands


Often overlooked, but oh so important—take a look at our lighting options, and learn how light brightness and temperature affect mood, energy, and productivity.

Shop Lighting


From our Sidekick File Cabinet to side tables and desk drawers, find the storage and decluttering tools you need for a peaceful workspace.

Shop Storage

Fully Founder David Kahl shares his favorite active workstation, and how incorporating movement into your day can liberate you to “be that human that you are when you’re doing your work.”

Still not sure what’s right for you?


There’s nothing we enjoy more than helping people bring motion and energy into their workspace—from selecting the right products for your space, to dialing in the details, to making sure delivery and installation go smoothly. We also have a super friendly customer service team ready to assist, and a worry-free return policy, so if you don’t love something, just send it back.


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