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Storage-challenged? Increase functionality with our standing desk storage options such as desk drawers and storage cabinets. 

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  1. fully jarvis bamboo side table with printer and sidekick white Jarvis Bamboo Side Table

    Jarvis Bamboo Side Table

    More workspace that matches your desk
    Starts at € 223,20 € 279,00
  2. fully-website/product/fully-monitor-stand/base-images/2021-Q3-hko-monitor-stand-black Fully Monitor Riser

    Fully Monitor Riser

    Ergonomic stand for your screen
    Starts at € 55,20 € 68,99
  3. fully sidekick file cabinet white with sapphire cushion Sidekick File Cabinet

    Sidekick File Cabinet

    Storage to fit your space
    Starts at € 199,20 € 249,01

Small workspaces, to a home office with everything—storage is key

Make the best of a standing desk with simple solutions: the perfect desk drawer, storage cabinets, and more. Best to brilliant? Pair your Jarvis bamboo desk with this sleek (and easy to mount) bamboo drawer; or a minimalist, but spacious shelving unit. Our smooth-gliding, under desk storage works well with any Fully setup.

Frequently asked questions             

How do I organize my home office storage?

  • The trick is to make smart use of the space you have, and add storage where it’s needed. Practical solutions like a side table, allow for under table storage making it easy to add extra, filing, or storage cabinets. to put often left untouched space to good use; plus it allows you to grab what you need fast. If you’ve got more detailed questions for us, we live to help with this very thing, so please reach out. If you haven’t already enjoyed the healthy benefits of a standing desk, in your home office, consider standing desk storage options which are plentiful (scroll up on this page).

How do you store small office accessories?

  • Whether it’s a desk drawer, an under desk drawer unit, or a free-rolling office drawer unit, it’s about providing an organized home for what you have so your stuff can be discreetly tucked away. One place to improve storage for smaller accessories is drawer space with drawer dividers. Or, adding bins in deeper drawers, with sectioned off areas. Think creatively too. For example, we love what a monitor riser does for space-making. Not only does it lift your monitor to a healthy height, it provides side trays that do wonders to corral little notepads and desk do- dads.

How do you organize large office drawers?

  • Large office desk drawer storage can be great for housing bulky office supplies, reams of paper, or, they can often become the unused cable graveyard. If deep enough, a good way to utilize the drawer space is to organise hanging files and file folders, with dividers. If you need to section a not-so-deep office drawer unit into smaller areas, measures the interior dimensions of the drawer and use easy to find organizers or inserts to help keep that drawer in line, and your space clean and orderly. If you don't have room, or haven't invested in office drawers, some people prefer to have everything in a desk storage cabinet, which can also save valuable deskspace.