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Our foot support options help you maintain your focus and relax. 

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When your feet find their happy place while you're sitting down. It’s common to fidget while we’re focusing on projects. These foot rests and foot rockers offer the movement, and welcomed support, you crave throughout the day.

Your Fully Questions, Answered (FAQ)

What does a foot rocker do?

  • Like a rocking chair for your feet, our foot rocker engages the lower legs to rock back and forth, for a more energised experience of active sitting which is a healthier way to keep your blood flowing and circulation moving throughout your body, while you work throughout your day. As one of our more active forms of foot support, foot rockers are an especially good fit when you’re looking to occupy antsy feet or restless legs in a dynamic, easy-to-love way.

Are foot rests good for you?

  • We can’t speak for everyone, but we do know that foot rests and foot support— whether it be a desk foot rest, a rocker or balance board—promote a more active, whole-body posture while reducing stress and strain on your back. While every human body is different, we also know that the more we increase support for our spine and upper body, the more we bring posture into a healthier alignment and improve circulation. The best thing about a foot rest is that they help you relax, and that just feels better.

When should a desk foot rest be used?

  • Short answer? Ergonomically speaking, always if possible. The question really depends on which kind of workstyle you prefer. No matter if you’re an all-day sitter, or feel more comfortable in your body at a standing desk, your feet (and legs) should be supported. Desk foot rests encourage better leg circulation, better posture and increased back support, for a healthier, more productive you

Does a foot rest help back pain?

  • When it comes to helping alleviate strain and stress on your spine, we’ve got your back (and your feet). While we can’t promise that a foot rest will make your back pain disappear, we can tell you some good news. Physiologists tell us that the human body and spine are meant to move. Think of a foot rest as a great choice to support and fuel movement, even while you’re seated. Whether it's improving alignment, decreasing fatigue, or allowing you to shift weight, a foot rest is an easy way to relieve pressure on your back, and maintain good metabolic health.