Standing Desk Accessories & Office Supplies

Improve your standing desk setup—we’ve designed office desk accessories to inspire your workspace.

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  1. fully-website/product/eu-power-grommet/2209-base-update/20220303-Fully-2022-Q1-hko-powgrom-type-e-eu-white-01 Power Grommet V2 30% off

    Power Grommet V2

    Easily charge devices from your desktop
    Starts at € 38,50 € 54,99
  2. fully-website/product/oripura-laptop-stand/base-images/Fully_oripura_mint_v1_159 Oripura Laptop Stand	by Colebrook Bosson Saunders

    Oripura Laptop Stand by Colebrook Bosson Saunders

    Portable, foldable laptop stand
    Starts at € 37,00
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    home office

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  4. fully-website/product/eu-clamp-mounted-power-strip/20220303-Fully-2022-Q1-hko-clamp-surge-type-e-eu-black-01 Clamp-Mounted Power Strip V2 30% off

    Clamp-Mounted Power Strip V2

    Power within reach
    Starts at € 69,30 € 99,00
  5. fully-website/product/jax-monitor-arm-single/base-images/fully-jax-single-monitor-arm-silver-front-01 Jax Single Monitor Arm New

    Jax Single Monitor Arm

    Premium ergonomic monitor arm
    Starts at € 89,50 € 179,00
  6. Jax Laptop Arm Jax Laptop Arm New

    Jax Laptop Arm

    Premium ergonomic laptop arm
    Starts at € 109,51 € 219,00
  7. fully-website/product/jax-monitor-arm-dual/base-images/fully-jax-dual-monitor-arm-white-front-01 Jax Dual Monitor Arm New

    Jax Dual Monitor Arm

    Ultimate flexibility for two monitors
    Starts at € 114,50 € 229,00
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  9. fully sidekick file cabinet white with sapphire cushion Sidekick File Cabinet

    Sidekick File Cabinet

    Storage to fit your space
    Starts at € 124,51 € 249,01
  10. side view of fully standard topo anti fatigue mat gray Topo Anti-Fatigue Mat Bestseller

    Topo Anti-Fatigue Mat

    Inspired by natural movement
    Starts at € 158,99
  11. fully topo mini anti-fatigue mat black Topo Mini Anti-Fatigue Mat

    Topo Mini Anti-Fatigue Mat

    Inspired by natural movement
    Starts at € 89,00
  12. fully jarvis monitor arm mounted to jarvis desk with monitor black angled view Jarvis Monitor Arm 30% off

    Jarvis Monitor Arm

    Save space and your neck
    Starts at € 90,30 € 129,00
  13. Computer monitor on a Jarvis desk shelf in bamboo with white supports Jarvis Desk Shelf 50% off

    Jarvis Desk Shelf

    Elevate your monitor, Jarvis style
    Starts at € 74,50 € 149,00
  14. fully-website/product/fully-laptop-stand/base-images/2021-Q3-hko-laptop-stand-white Fully Laptop Stand 50% off

    Fully Laptop Stand

    Sturdy, slip-resistant laptop stand
    Starts at € 34,50 € 68,99
  15. fully-website/product/fully-monitor-stand-with-drawer/base-image/2021-Q3-hko-monitor-stand-drawer-black Fully Monitor Stand with Drawer 50% off

    Fully Monitor Stand with Drawer

    Ergonomic, space-saving monitor stand
    Starts at € 49,50 € 99,00
  16. fully jarvis dual monitor arm mounted to jarvis desk with laptop arm silver front view Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm 30% off

    Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm

    Choose a monitor or laptop tray combo
    Starts at € 132,30 € 189,00
  17. fully tic toc stand balance board natural diagonal view Tic Toc Stand Balance Board

    Tic Toc Stand Balance Board

    Find your natural rhythm
    Starts at € 49,50 € 99,00
  18. fully-website/product/fully-monitor-stand/base-images/2021-Q3-hko-monitor-stand-black Fully Monitor Riser 50% off

    Fully Monitor Riser

    Ergonomic stand for your screen
    Starts at € 34,50 € 68,99
  19. fully beam led desk lamp on jarvis desk white clamp Beam LED Desk Lamp

    Beam LED Desk Lamp

    Adaptable dynamic lighting, minimalist design
    Starts at € 99,50 € 199,00

Time to level up your standing desk setup? We have an accessory for that.

Home office must-haves to desk storage add-ons, our desk accessories better support the body. Meet office organization supplies for the modern workspace: neck-saving monitor stands, space-saving power options and wire management, easy-on-the-eyes lamps, wrist-friendly keyboard trays, and anti-fatigue standing mats.

Your Fully Questions, Answered (FAQ)

What accessories do I need for a standing desk?

  • That depends on what you do and what your body needs. Consider an active chair, a standing mat or balance board, monitor arm or stand, our space-savvy power source options and streamlining cable management, and adjustable LED lighting, for starters. Once you’ve created the foundation for a healthier workspace, you might find other desk gadgets useful too. Ergonomic keyboard trays, or even our handy bottle opener. Maybe not a ‘need’ right away, but definitely a modern desk accessory for making the most of your space. Remember too, you can always call us with any questions about needed desk additions.

How do I organise my standing desk?

  • Start with the essentials and configure your office desk accessories from there. Top of the list? Consider power source options and cable management first. With these tools you can avoid hard-to-reach outlets and spaghetti-like cords, monopolising desk space. Next, think lighting, computer and keyboard placement, and your plant Phoebe :). Once you’ve designed space around the primary elements, assess any desk storage add-ons you might need—from desk drawers, filing cabinets, to office organisation supplies like clamp-mounted surge protectors or magnetic desk hooks. The key is to take inventory of what you have and then accessorise with as much built-in organization as possible to maximize your creativity and productivity.

What is a desk set?

  • An office desk set traditionally refers to a set of organizers, trays or holders to keep your desktop organised. It’s useful nowadays to look for office desk accessories that are fundamental to a more modern workstation—monitor arms and stands, storage options, a desk mat and more, are helpful to keep things tidy.

How do I maximize my desk space?

  • The best way to maximise your desk space is to create built-in organization into your workspace. Well-organised workspaces are often more productive and creative workspaces. Ideas? Declutter with desk storage add ons like our monitor risers, desk drawers or side tables. Our Sidekick File cabinet frees up valuable desk space and adds versatility as a table/ seat/ all in one holder, to any workstation.

What should I put on my desk?

  • Every desk or workstation is unique and has unique needs. Most important is to find office desk accessories that work with your flow. Maybe your everyday desk includes a laptop on a sturdy stand, a keyboard and mouse on a sleek, durable desk mat. If you’re working with a computer tower in the mix, consider an accessible CPU holder that conveniently attaches to adjustable height desks and free up valuable desk (and floor) space. Whatever desk additions make sense for you, they should inspire you to produce the work you aspire to create.

What should I put on my desk at home?

  • Home office must-haves? Now there are options with accessories to bring out the best in your home office, and WFH you. If you don’t already have a standing desk converter, it’s a perfect place to start—for any table surface. From there, configure your accessories based on your space and budget. Power source? Keep it close by and orderly with our mounted surge protector. Lighting is key and ideal, with sleek, adaptable desk lamps. Dial in all the details with our options for monitor arms, shelves, drawers and more with accessories that make for a more organised, energised and super comfy, home office.

What every desk should have?