Desks by Brand

We know that selecting your next sit-stand desk can be a tough decision, and we're here to help. Feel free to read a little about the hand picked brands we work with at Fully.

Jarvis Adjustable Height Desk


Your new favorite coworker.

Movement shouldn't be a struggle. With simple up/down adjustment, Jarvis supports you from sitting to standing and everything in between. Varying positions throughout the day with the Jarvis sit stand desk keeps your blood moving and creative juices flowing. We're endlessly excited to offer Jarvis in dozens of configurations. Whether you're looking for a Jarvis treadmill desk, a sustainable bamboo top Jarvis, or just a Jarvis desk frame: Fully has your back.

AD Standing Desks

AD Series

The AD series of desks offered by Fully come in one, two or three leg options. There are many variations of these models and a variety of top sizes to match. AD desks have at minimum a 220lb lifting capacity, and pair nicely with a HAG Capisco chair

Focal Standing Desks


An entirely new approach to healthy working, Focal desks give users the ability to perch in a healthy half-standing position throughout the day. Although specifically designed to use with the Locus seat, it pairs nicely with any number of our ergonomic options.

Focal Desks move up and down via the powerful and convenient hand crank in the center of the drive shaft below the table top. While most crank desks require 15+ turns to move the work surface an inch in either direction, Locus moves an inch every four revolutions. Once you are finished adjusting, the desk will lock in place.

Humanscale Standing Desks


No motor. No cords. Simply lift.
With a unique counterbalance mechanism and weight indicator, Humanscale desks enables easy, one-hand, near-effortless counterbalance height adjustment for sit/stand usage. Completely elegant, completely silent. The Float very neatly “floats” into position when its release is engaged—for weightless adjustment without force.

Lifespan Treadmill Desks


Walk to work.
Lifespan desks are perfected to be used with a walking treadmill. If you're interested in keeping your restless energy at bay by walking while you work, this is the desk for you.

Stir Kinetic Desks

The latest in smart active office technology, the Stir Kinetic M1 is so much more than a standing desk. It interfaces with your smartphone and smartwatch to entice you to move. It adapts to your preferences, moving on its own, only a few inches at a time, to encourage you to maintain a healthy position while you work.
If you're interested in the most hi-tech standing desk, look no further.