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The innovative Swopper tilting-spring base is now available with an ergonomic saddle seat. Adding full 3D motion to a traditional saddle seat gives users an added dimension to active sitting. Encouraging a healthy, open hip angle, Swopper has been a leader in active working for years.

  • Keeps your core engaged throughout the day
  • Additional 4" seat height from standard Swopper
  • Traditional saddle seat design facilitates healthy, open hip angle
  • Fun, active sitting option

Seat Height Range

Swopper Saddle adds an extra 4" of seat height compared to the original Swopper. This difference, plus the traditional saddle seat, truly tilts the pelvis forward and facilitates an open hip angle.

Features and benefits include:

  • Black leather seat
  • Height, tension, and lateral adjustments
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Weight Capacity of 290 lbs
  • Improves posture
  • Provides relief for back pain
  • Strengthens and conditions muscles of the back and abdomen
  • Improves nourishment to the inter-vertebral discs
  • Improves circulation
  • Assists lymphatic flow
  • Provides a fun and energizing experience while seated
  • Optional wheelbase

Optional Wheel Base

The wheels on the Swopper Air are specially designed to keep you safe in your Swopper. These "locked when loaded" casters are weight sensitive and lock when someone is in the chair. The main benefit of the Swopper with Wheels is the ability to easily move the stool around the office, from one desk to another. Swopper's dynamic pneumatic lift supports healthy, 360° degree tilt. Because of this important feature, adding wheels that roll freely to the base could cause the user to scoot back--which is less fun than it sounds when trying to get work done.

Swopper Saddle designed and produced by aeris GmbH

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Loaded seat-height range: 21.625" - 27.125"

Unloaded seat-height range: 24.5" - 30"

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