Capisco Puls by HÅG

Starts at $549.00

Designer Peter Opsvik created this modern, slimmer retake on his iconic Capisco, the chair that came on the scene 28 years ago to revolutionize the way we feel at work. For the seat you have two options: a strip of padding at the seat’s center (partially upholstered), or full seat padding (fully upholstered).

Starts at $549.00
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A modern take on our favorite chair

28 years after debuting his iconic Capisco task chair, designer Peter Opsvik returned to his original creation with fresh vision–and a price that makes this popular award-winning chair pleasantly affordable.

Capisco Puls is everything we love about the original Capisco—the human-inspired design, the many ways to sit in it, its perfect compatibility with an adjustable height standing desk—but with a modernized molded polyurethane seat and back, and a slimmer saddle that allows you to sit with your legs closer together.

Like the original Capisco, Puls uses recycled household plastic in its parts and recycled car bumpers in its foam padding. For the seat you have two options: a strip of padding at the seat’s center (Puls), or fully upholstered (Puls Plus).

For varying heights and desk heights, we also offer a 150mm and a 200mm HAG Pneumatic Lift.

Customize your Capisco

If you’re looking for a place to put your feet or a shorter lift height, we have options available to create a Capisco unique to you.

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Choosing your chair height

The 265mm standard range is optimal for most people working at adjustable or standing height desks.

The 200mm lift adjusts from approximately 18" to 25" and the shorter 150mm lift provides a height adjustment from about  15" to 20.7". We do not recommend the 150mm lift for most users and applications. However, if you have a lower fixed-height desk, or if you are under 5'4" you may prefer a lower lift. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help deciding what will work best for you.

Capisco lift Height adjustment¹ Recommended for
150mm lift 15" - 20.7" Anyone under 5'4" and lower fixed-height desks; not compatible with Footring 
200mm lift 18" - 25" Lower fixed-height desks or extended range Jarvis desks
265mm lift 21.3" - 30.9" Comes standard with all Capisco chairs

¹Please note that these measurements are not absolute and may vary slightly from chair to chair. Measured from the ground to top of seat with a 141 lb load.

Care and cleaning

Regular vacuuming; wipe clean with damp cloth; if you really made a mess, try a dilute solution of gentle detergent.

fully capisco chair by hag base silver black whitefully capisco chair by hag base silver black white
Base color

The Capisco base is an aluminum frame that comes in 3 color options: black, silver, and white.

For your feet

The footring comes in black, white, or silver, to match your base. A great addition to any tall seat, we recommend the footring with the standard 265mm lift. It easily slips on to your already-assembled Capisco, and can also be removed without disassembling the chair, if you decide to go back.

fully capisco chair by hag black footring black basefully capisco chair by hag black footring black base
fully capisco chair by hag black step up black basefully capisco chair by hag black step up black base
StepUp footrest

The StepUp is great for Capiscos being used in shared spaces and accommodates people of different heights in communal areas.

fully capisco puls by hag dimensionsfully capisco puls by hag dimensions
Details and dimensions 
  • Overall seat height: 15" (with 200mm lift) - 40" (with 265mm lift)
  • Backrest height: 15.75"
  • Seat width: 18.1"
  • Seat depth: 15.75 - 18.50"
  • Product weight: 24.5 lbs
  • Max weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Seat height*: 15" - 20.7" (150mm lift); 18" - 25" (200mm lift); 21.3" - 30.9" (265mm lift) 
  • 3 year warranty on upholstery
  • 5 year warranty on arm caps, casters, back liners and exposed wood parts & finished parts
  • 10 year warranty on pneumatic lift
  • View Capisco Puls assembly instructions as a PDF

*Please note that these measurements are not absolute and may vary slightly from chair to chair. Measured from the ground to top of seat with a 141 lb load. 

Materials and features
  • Non-traditional saddle seat design
  • Back panel is plastic 
  • Choose between a partial or a fully upholstered seat cushion
  • Solid, recycled aluminum base with curved/arched footplates
  • Black, silver or white aluminum frame
  • Interchangeable components extend product life
  • Capisco chairs come with braking casters, suitable for both hardwood and low-pile carpet
  • GREENGUARD certified
Shipping dimensions


  Length Width Height Weight
Capisco Puls by HÅG 27"  29"  10"  29  lbs 
Shipping details
  • Capisco Puls chairs ship via FedEx Ground from Portland, OR or Nottingham, MD
  • Foot rings, StepUp Footrests, and the shorter 200mm and 150mm lifts ship in a separate box
  • All chair orders automatically come with a 265mm lift, even if you order a shorter 200mm or 150mm lift

Add a Jarvis Monitor Arm, feel even better.

Even on a stand, most monitors don't sit high enough to meet the recommended line-of-sight positioning. The Jarvis Monitor Arm supports healthier posture, frees up more valuable desktop space, and at just 10 pounds, is plenty light enough for your Cooper Standing Desk Converter.

Note: The Cooper is only compatible with the Jarvis Monitor Arm and not the Pole-Mounted Monitor Arm.

fully capisco puls by hag sprint blue back restfully capisco puls by hag sprint blue back rest

Designed for people and planet

Puls' minimal environmental impact is as impressive as its design: 24% post-consumer recycled content, 95% recyclable, GREENGUARD certified, plus Puls contributes to LEED credits.

As for its impact on you, Puls was inspired by the the form and movement of the human body. The plus-sign-shaped back of the seat makes for comfortable backwards or sideways sitting, and the contoured saddle seat opens the hips for a more active, forward posture. This open-hip sitting position brings the spine into its natural S-shape alignment, taking pressure off your upper body, improving your circulation, and keeping your energy flowing.