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Get a grip on it: the new Muvman FACTORY.

Perfectly at home in production lines, assembly shops, and other tough environments.

Equipping manufacturing workplaces with healthy, ergonomic seating has been a challenge for many industries. Fortunately, the new Muvman FACTORY is able to combine the need to maintain employee productivity while encouraging and supporting a healthy, dynamic work environment.

Featuring a textured vinyl seat and dust cover for the base of the strut Muvman: FACTORY is ready for anything.

Another thoughtful feature of the seat design is the ergonomic handle on the back of the seat. This practical grip makes taking Muvman to a colleague's desk or to another room simple and convenient.

Muvman’s pneumatic lift is one of the most versatile in the industry. Not only is the height range adjustment one of the best in the category (20”-33” seat height), it also has the unique ability to tilt 360° while the base remains flat on the ground thanks to the spring strut in the baseplate. The innovative, patented flexzone® technology allows the lift to move freely but securely in the base. The strut positions the pneumatic lift at a 4° forward tilt so that your hips remain limber and healthy at all seat heights.

With a flexible base and pneumatic lift, Muvman truly encourages active sitting throughout the day. Whether your work surface is a traditional height, standing, or something in between, Muvman is versatile enough to give you support at nearly any seat height.

Muvman Factory designed and produced by aeris GmbH

All images copyright aeris GmbH

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Muvman Features

  • Seat height ranges from 20” - 33”
  • True sit/stand support at any height
  • Smooth 360° mobility support encourages movement, keeping muscles active and engaged
  • Three year warranty
  • 4° forward tilt keeps you close to your work surface and your back aligned.
  • Buildings Magazine 2012 Innovation award winner
  • RedDot design award winner 2011
  • Practical, ergonomic handle
  • Non-slip, non-scratch rubber base is suitable for all floor types