Active Chairs

Lean, perch, and fidget your way to healthier sitting

By supporting the body’s natural need for movement, active chairs keep you engaged and focused throughout the workday. All of our active chairs provide traditional comfort, but also encourage rocking, twisting, wobbling, and stretching according to the body’s changing needs.

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  1. Capisco chair by HAG era-poly bloom with white base Capisco Chair by HÅG

    Capisco Chair by HÅG

    Most versatile all-day chair
    Starts at $852.80 $1,066.00
  2. fully luna standing desk stool blue white base Luna Standing Desk Stool

    Luna Standing Desk Stool

    Easy leaning for more active working
    Starts at $199.20 $249.00
  3. fully capisco puls by hag sprint fathom black base front view Capisco Puls by HÅG

    Capisco Puls by HÅG

    A firmer & narrower saddle than Capisco
    Starts at $572.00 $715.00
  4. fully tic toc chair natural with cushion front view Tic Toc Chair

    Tic Toc Chair

    Move-without-thinking-about-it chair
    Starts at $199.20 $249.00
  5. Iloa - Chair - Natural Beech - Wash	ILOA Saddle Chair

    ILOA Saddle Chair

    A saddle chair with more leg support
    Starts at $316.00 $395.00
  6. tic toc balans kneeling chair era cobalt Tic Toc Balans Kneeling Chair New colors

    Tic Toc Balans Kneeling Chair

    A perfect marriage of balance and movement
    Starts at $319.20 $399.00
  7. fully balans kneeling chair clay Fully Balans Kneeling Chair New colors

    Fully Balans Kneeling Chair

    Now with even more originality
    Starts at $319.20 $399.00
  8. fully muvman sit stand stool by aeris gray microfiber with silver base Muvman Sit-Stand Stool by aeris 40% off

    Muvman Sit-Stand Stool by aeris

    360° of moving, leaning freedom
    Starts at $299.40 $499.00
  9. Numo black wood Numo Chair by aeris 40% off

    Numo Chair by aeris

    Timeless, versatile, ingenious
    Starts at $197.40 $329.00
  10. fully ongo kit orange and aqua ONGO Kit 40% off

    ONGO Kit

    A fidget spinner, in chair form
    Starts at $89.40 $149.00
  11. fully capisco ultra sound chair by hag onyx vinyl black base  Capisco Medical Professional's Chair by HÅG

    Capisco Medical Professional's Chair by HÅG

    A round-the-clock chair for health professionals
    Starts at $871.20 $1,089.00
  12. fully tic toc tyke natural Tic Toc Tyke 40% off

    Tic Toc Tyke

    A chair to let the wiggles loose
    Starts at $89.40 $149.00
  13. fully tic toc together natural with cushion Tic Toc Together

    Tic Toc Together

    Find your shared rhythm
    Starts at $345.00 $575.00
  14. fully swoppster by aeris candy red Swoppster by aeris 40% off

    Swoppster by aeris

    The healthy happy active kids chair
    Starts at $171.00 $285.00

Your Fully Questions, Answered (FAQ)

What is an active chair?

  • An active sitting chair fuels your workday energy by working with your body's natural desire to move. It allows you to easily change positions, and often includes features that allow you to fidget, rock, wobble, bounce, sway, tilt, and lean.

Do active chairs work?

  • Active chairs help to engage and strengthen your core muscles, back muscles, and leg muscles, a key factor in preventing pain. They also facilitate healthy movement, which creates the energy you need to focus on your work.

What is the healthiest way to sit?

  • Active sitting is the healthiest way to sit. It allows you to support your spine’s natural S-curve while enabling you to move and change positions as you work.