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Won't You B Our Neighbor

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, Portland (Oregon—sorry Maine we still love you and think you’re great) is front and center in the progressive business scene. One measure: on the list of cities with the most B Corps, Portland is near the top. But we also have a showroom and presence in another progressive city: no slouches themselves, San Francisco is also close to the top of that B Corps cities list. With our second home in the SF design district, we feel a strong affinity to our neighbors in the Bay Area and all the great things they’re accomplishing as well.  

A favorite SF B Corp of ours is a very forward thinking company called Alter Eco. Their chocolate isn’t only great for your tastebuds (and mood), it’s also produced with care for the world, and its people, apparent in every step. They do it all really: organic, non-GMO, fair trade, sustainable/compostable packaging, and carbon “insetting” by planting trees within supply chains.  Very cool.


One of our closest B Corp neighbors, whose headquarters are home just a few blocks from ours in Portland, is a company called B Line. No, you don’t need a B in your company title to be a B Corp, but it does help for awareness! B Line embodies the spirit of Portland and B Corp about as well as one can, really. I mean they’re an urban bicycle delivery company. Their bikes can pull up to 800 pounds of awesomeness. Not only that, some of what they deliver is donations of organic produce and food to those in need. Way to go B Line!

Another of my personal favorite B Corps is local to PDX grocery chain New Seasons. And it’s not just because I love to look at food and peruse all the wonderful delicacies they carry. They were the very first grocer in the world to become B Corp certified which was no easy task considering how many partners they have. Also, their stores are just cool places to be as all their employees are super nice and you can tell they believe in the mission they carry out. They focus on carrying as many local products and produce as possible through their Local Finds program. In a sense they help act as an incubator and mentor for small, local products and businesses. Talk about going the extra mile and giving a helping hand. How cool is that?!


Hey! You're Part of It

The idea of socially responsible and sustainable business is gaining a lot of traction and cities are starting to take notice and are helping push the idea even further. The City of Portland recently announced that they have secured $75,000 of funding to help even more businesses take the first step in becoming B Corp certified. What is the first step you ask? Why it means filling out the initial Quick Impact Assessment Form. If you’re a company who’s curious where they stand as far as their overall impact, and where they stand against B Corps, you owe it to yourself to fill this out. A lot more companies are becoming B Corps, you might be surprised to find some favorites in your area!


B Cool,
Matt S.