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Why Your Office Environment Matters

An interesting panel discussion focusing on attracting and retaining talent through workspace environments took place in Portland last month. 

Bringing together the COO of a local office furniture company, human resource professionals, and actual office users,  the group looked at ways companies in Portland are examining their physical space when considering company / brand culture. 

Ajay Malhotra, a panelist and veteran of the tech world, put together an interesting post of some of his takeaways from the discussion on Silicon Florist. We've highlighted a couple of points below.

Companies should consider evaluating the holistic impact of their surroundings on employees and clients alike. Flexibility and adaptability are key: offering a broad variety of dynamically reconfigurable work spaces permits employees to make the best space selection based on their needs (or mood) at any given time—with varying ranges of acoustical privacy and small vs. large team work, collaborative or group assembly spaces.

Treadmill desk with dual monitor arms Treadmill desk with dual monitor arms

We couldn’t agree more. 

Regardless of how close a team is or how similar to coworkers might be, giving employees the ability to personalize their workspace equipment and environment is one of the most important things companies can do to distinguish themselves. 

With many companies supporting flexible schedules for employees and moving to laptops and notebooks, interchangeable workspaces are on the rise. The ability to bring a laptop over to a treadmill desk and work while walking for an hour is an excellent example of this kind of flexibility. Throw a laptop-supported monitor arm and employees can play musical chairs throughout the week. Keeping things fresh is not only a boost for creativity, but something recruits are looking for.

Fitness and wellness offerings which go beyond a stationary bike in the storage space to a properly outfitted, welcoming fitness room, on-site yoga, therapeutic massage and nutrition advisors, and of course more ergonomic furniture options, such as sit-to-stand desks, and customized chair and monitor height fittings are additional areas which are gaining in popularity.

Another great idea.

Have you ever thought about why employers provide health insurance for employees? A sick employee is typically not a productive one. While many companies of course believe that providing health insurance is simply the ethical thing to do for their staff, the additional productivity benefits shouldn't be ignored.

Adding ergonomic and healthy workstations and equipment to an office environment not only provides a change of scenery for the employee, but the added benefit of contributing to general wellness in the office.