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What's in Your Sidekick? ~ Becky W

Well. What a ride. Last time we took a look inside of Tony’s Sidekick pedestal. It was as modest and well-ordered as a nun's closet (in my mind. Which is informed mostly by the first half hour of The Sound of Music), if nuns had oreos.

Maria meets Captain Von Trapp Sometimes I forget how awesome this movie is. But not often. Image sourced from Shiny Shiny

Today we went to the other extreme. And then we kept going. Becky's Sidekick belongs to that realm where be dragons—or at least monkeys. No mere desk top could contain the accumulated wealth of this master collector, so we had to move to the floor, and take the picture from a ladder. A level of detail may have been lost, but I think it was important to capture the complete spread.

Whereas I subscribe to the disaster preparedness school of Sidekick, Becky seemingly belongs to the "I could be audited at any time" chapter and the "up to three people might ask me for a drink" branch. In some ways, Becky's ped rivals my own.

Inside Becky's Sidekick File Pedestal

So, what's in Becky's Sidekick?

  1. Sticky notes (6; in 4 colors. Because duh. I'm already jealous)
  2. Notebooks, notepads (23; assorted. Seriously, that is some back-to-school-level notebookage. Color me impressed)
  3. Business cards, personal (2 boxes; important)
  4. Yelling book (1; motivational yelling, I guess)
  5. Activity tracker (1; I think it works better if you take it out of the package)
  6. Manufacturer catalogs (3; assorted)
  7. Thank you card (1; poignant)
  8. Parking citation (1; "resolved." Mmhmm...)
  9. Napkin and Paper towel collection (10; assorted—unused?)
  10. Newspapers (4; outdated. Like, yellow with age)
  11. Walkers Chocolate Chip Shortbread (4; Gluten Free)
  12. Damn fancy headdress (1; I'm speechless)
  13. Craisins (~1/3 c; this is what I'm talking about! Snacks!)
  14. Scotch tape (1 roll; double-sided. Genius invention)
  15. Washer (1; silver—5/16)
  16. Teabag (1; Every Day Detox. Apparently not every day)
  17. Dongles (2; unidentified—one presumably goes with #42)
  18. Binder Clip (1; 19mm; black)
  19. Receipts (17)
  20. Business cards, from others (24; oooOoo, social butterfly)
  21. Cable lock (1; 72”)
  22. Assorted papers, used (4.25”; terrifying—think about it; even adjusted for inflation, that's like two whole reams of paper. Looseleaf. I didn't even try to do subcategories)
  23. Binder (1; With more paper in it)
  24. Clip Boards (2; gotta have a backup)
  25. Product manuals (2; HAG seating)
  26. Microfiber polishing cloth (1; black)
  27. Button (1; 10mm; teal, fabric covered)
  28. Baby photos (3; adorable)
  29. Robot Friends stickers (1/2 sheet. HOLY CRAP WHERE DID SHE GET THESE)
    My Robot Friends I had to show these up close. That one at the bottom!
  30. Ahem. Moving on.

  31. Hex bolt (1; 6mm x12mm; black)
  32. Monkeys (2; deep plum)
  33. Origami box (1; college ruled)
  34. Peppermint oil (5 mL; my eyes are tingling)
  35. Cables (4, I think)
  36. Lego hinge (1; beige and black)
  37. Toothpaste (.9 oz; airplane safe)
  38. Food punch cards (6; mostly laughing planet. Somebody has a lot of free burritos coming her way)
  39. Toothbrush (1; lightly used)
  40. Headphone boxes, empty (5; assorted)
  41. Sidekick Master Key (1; wait. What? Master key? IS NOTHING SACRED?)
  42. Stationary (assorted, very handsome)
  43. Mouse, computer variety (1; vertical)
  44. Socket adapter (1; apple)
  45. Battery (1; AA)
  46. Twisties (3; black)
  47. Army man (1; blue; sniper)
  48. Paperclips (2 bone-shaped; 1 mangled beyond recognition)
  49. 1/4” PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (10’)
  50. Calculator (1; no graphing capability)
  51. Tupperware lid (1; orphaned)
  52. Paper crane (1; one-inch wingspan)
  53. Feather (1; unidentified. What am I, a birdologist?)
  54. Laminate samples (12; assorted)
  55. Headphones w/ mic (1 set; purple. Because that’s the best color)
  56. Drinking cups (3; sadly empty)
  57. Pencil jar (1; silver. Actually a mesh basket used exclusively for pens, but would you know what I was talking about if I said “pen cage?”)
  58. Ribbon (13”; red and white chevron. Trust me there are chevrons. It's not my fault we had to zoom out so far you can't see the stripes.)
  59. Upholstery Sample Card (1; so pretty. Like a tiny quilt)
  60. Highlighter (1; not-purple)
  61. Pens (18; like, so many damn pens. To write on all that paper I guess)
  62. Felt tip markers (7; assorted)
  63. Rubberband (1; goldenrod—yeah, I can't find it either)

I was truly humbled by Becky's Sidekick. She could certainly never be accused of wasting space.

Pack it in, guys.