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What the Heck is a Grommet?!

Is it a big ol' button? Or maybe a portal to another dimension? No; it's a grommet! If you haven't heard of this Jarvis accessory before, then why the heck would you opt for these holes?! Unlike the jeans you just bought with pre-made tears, both original and power grommet options are more functional than fashionable (although they do look fab-u-lous on all Jarvis desk tops).


Originally intended as a wire management accessory, the Jarvis grommeted desk tops will help limit your wire tangles to just those pesky headphone cords that are determined to stay in knots. Funnel your cords through the grommets and into the Wiretamer Cable Trays affixed to the underside of your desk to create the illusion that you live in a wire-free world.

But don't think that wire taming is the only thing grommets can be used for; grommets are multi-purpose.

Use as:

  • A resting spot for your enormous jaw breaker
  • A cup holder for your drinks or bouncey ball collection
  • A way to convince your coworkers that you really do have a portal to another dimension
  • A plant holder, or home to your chia pet
  • A wishing well where the bigger the coin, the better the chance of having your wish for three more wishes come true
  • A convenient and stable location for your guacamole (see above)
  • A portion size reference for your morning and afternoon donuts (not your nighttime donut - you gotta leave work sometime)



  • Put a birds nest on it
  • This is where you grow your bonsai tree now
  • Install a power grommet and charge up your hover board
  • Play desk golf and try to get a hole-in-one. Or at least par, c'mon now
  • Remove the grommet covering and wear as a bracelet or, better yet, wear your desk as a bracelet



The more you know,
Jen M.