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We Stand With (RED)

We’ve lived with this for decades, and have seen so many people lose their lives. Now there is finally an end in sight for the AIDS pandemic. This year marks a decade since (RED)® set out to deliver an AIDS-free generation by 2020. With a great deal of effort, energy and support, the number of children born with the virus has decreased from 1200 to 400 per day. Although this is amazing progress, it's not the end of the fight. With a collective push, we can make it ZERO.

True Giving Comes From the Heart

There are a lot of important bigger-picture issues consuming the world today. At times, it seems like a never-ending quest when we shine light on the fight for equality, human rights, animal rights, environmental rights—the list goes on. But one thing David Kahl, founder and CEO of Ergo Depot, wants us all to remember is that pushing for big-scale change starts with seeking it within ourselves. "Generosity is one of those things," he explains, "the more we see it, the more we do it and the more it becomes part of who we are."

This is why we decided to team up with (RED); it's an opportunity for us to step up. "Let’s not only talk about generosity," David notes, "let’s do something about it." Aiming for an AIDS-free generation, (RED) empowers consumers to give and consciously play a part in this monumental and historic change.


As many marathon runners can tell you, the last leg of any race is the toughest and deserves a strong push. Alongside dozens of other companies, we've gone (RED) in order to raise funds and awareness for the fight for an AIDS-free generation. "I do know that, as a business leader, sometimes the hardest part of any kind of project is the last part," David explains, "We can plan, we can execute, but, ultimately, we’ve got to finish it. And that’s where I feel like we’re at with AIDS right now."

It's amazing to think how far we've come since the shocking start of the pandemic. HIV/AIDS has afflicted the lives of many people for decades. When David's cousin died from AIDS, it was in his family's home. "My mom and dad were taking care of him and I was right there," he remembers, "I saw what the disease can do." But it's more than just his personal experiences with AIDS that inspired David to go (RED). "Many innocent people have lost their lives to this and, although there's a lot of different causes in this world that people are talking and thinking about right now, let’s not forget to get this thing done," he urges. "Let’s not forget to cross the finish line so that we can say this is another thing we, as humans, have overcome." Thanks in large part to the efforts of (RED), we may witness, in our lifetime, the first AIDS-free generation in almost a century. Before we can celebrate the victory, let's make sure to finish the race—and the sooner the better!

Stand With (JARVIS)RED

We're excited to partner with (RED) and be part of a movement supporting the good health and happiness of others! $25 from every (JARVIS)RED desk will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS with (RED). This donation can provide more than 80 days of life-saving HIV medicine to help prevent a mother living with HIV from passing the virus to her unborn baby.



Stand tall,
Jen M.

Update: It was fabulous while it lasted. We've discontinued our Jarvis (RED) desk.