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Walk it Off

If you've heard of adjustable-height desks or any other active-office furniture, you probably already know that standing at work has many health benefits. Increased productivity, regulated blood pressure and improved posture are all great reasons to stand up, but it's starting to look like weight loss might not make that list. According to a recent Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, the way to burn calories while on the job is to incorporate some sort of physical activity into your daily work. Simply walking while working will help burn three times as many calories as sitting or standing.

Of course including 'walking meetings' or frequent pacing around the office during your day will help to avoid weight gain, and never underestimate the fidget, but the most straight forward way to burn calories may just be using a treadmill desk. I'll be the first to admit my skepticism toward walking while working. Originally, I thought my lack of coordination and... questionable multitasking skills would affect my productivity. However, my determination to understand what all the hype was about grew.


With the Jarvis treadmill desk, I was able to adjust my work space to standing/walking height and fine tune the Lifespan treadmill to a comfortable speed. Man, were my assumptions wrong. Not only could I easily type and walk at the same time, but an hour of light cardio just flew by. Afterwards, I felt noticeably energetic and, according to the treadmill's calorie tracker, I burned off my morning donut indulgence!

So I guess what I'm saying is, don't knock it 'til you try it. And if you're looking to burn (or earn) some calories, you don't have to wait 'til after work to do it.





Stay movin',
Jen M.