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Stir With the Leaves and Carve Out an Active Autumn

Autumn is arguably the best season by far. There's something about switching out sandals for boots and iced tea for warm chai that makes me all smiles. However, it's not that easy to give up those fun and active Summer months. Sun and warmth inspires kids (of all ages) to just get up and move whenever they'd like and in any which way they please. While transitioning to this back-to-school, rainy-day September, our bodies are met with both societal and elemental objection to movement. Unfortunately, cozy Fall time can mean less movement and more sitting still.


So, I'd like to take this opportunity to encourage that we all bring that active mindset with us back to school and beyond. As I was jotting down a handful of ways to stay active in the upcoming cool, grey months, the Ergo Depot team chimed in. This is what we plan to do:


  1. Bike to as many destinations as possible. This is, by far, our favorite form of active transportation. (See 'Why I Go By Bike.') Bike the kiddos to school. Bike yourself to work. Bike all over the place.
  2. Join a kickball league or squash team to get your indoor sportsball game on.
  3. Don't just take the stairs, lunge up them. This active methodology gives a whole new meaning to two stepping.
  4. In between tasks, throw on Beyoncé and dance it out. Actually I mean, get in formation.
  5. Squeeze in some geocaching whenever possible. Fall is simply the best no-bees-or-mosquitos time for active treasure hunting!
  6. Take a hike. Really, though, it's good for you.
  7. We're big fans of indoor climbing—no matter the time of year.
  8. Topo stretches. This anti-fatigue mat encourages leg movement even when you're just standing around. Your calves have never been happier.
  9. Some of us are self-motivated enough to commit to YouTube workout videos. Others prefer group workouts like after-work hip hop or lunch-break yoga.
  10. Throw a rain jacket on and just go outside. Whether your exercise weapon-of-choice is running, jumping rope or taking a brisk walk, make time to raise that heart rate.



Live active and prosper,
Jen M.