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Were so glad you've found us! After all, the internet is incredibly wide and deep. Searching for and finding websites like ours is actually a pretty magical connection. We both have Net Neutrality to thank for bringing us together. All that could soon change.

11/22nd Update!

Despite public outrage, the FCC has announced its plan to dismantle Net Neutrality protections, putting the interests of big service providers ahead of the well being of the entire population of our country. Sure, there are two sides to every argument, but sometimes one side is so obviously wrong, that you wonder how we’re still having the conversation.

Fully is all about freedom to engage the world with clarity and without distraction. If we are prohibited from making connections with each other and with ourselves we are a broken and divided people. If you agree, we invite you to call FCC Chairman Ajit Pai @AjitPaiFCC at 202-418-1000, or follow the link below, and tell him what you think.

What is Net Neutrality?

It is a guarantee that Internet Service Providers (ISPs–like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T) can’t control what content you can see.

These ISPs would like to be able to charge content providers (like NetFlix, Wikipedia, and your cousin’s new dogs-that-look-like-food website) fees, and slow down or block their sites if they can’t pay. Sounds a lot like extortion, doesn’t it? The big companies like Amazon and Netflix will be able to afford it, but your cousin probably won’t. That would make it nearly impossible for entrepreneurs and startups to succeed.

The even scarier part is that your ISP would be able to restrict your access to information based on their ideology. And that sounds a lot like fascism.

The new FCC Chairman (a former Verizon lawyer, Ajit Pai) is using deliberately misleading language like “voluntary net neutrality” and “restoring internet freedom” to describe a plan that would only free ISPs to make their own rules and sell out your right to access the information and websites that you want. They think that if they use nice-sounding phrases, we won’t notice that they’re trying to rob us. In short, they think we’re stupid.

Let’s show them they’re wrong.

So what can we do?

We can make a big stink about it.

Right now the legislation that would dismantle protections of Net Neutrality is open for public comment. But we only have until July 17th (August 17th for replies). Please take a moment to tell the FCC and the members of Congress who would sell our free and equitable access to the internet that we won’t stand for it.

    1. Visit
    2. Select "+ Express" on the upper right (circled in the image below).

  1. Give them a piece of your mind. Like John Oliver, we recommend you refer specifically to your support of "strong Net Neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs."

Thank you for joining the fight to protect our internet access. And if you have a website, please consider asking your viewers to join us too.

Learn more, find suggested language, and join the action at