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Sandwiches of Ergo Depot - Vol. 4

An election year like this can really remind us of the important things in life: sandwiches. Take a moment and reacquaint yourself with the only viable third party in America as Zac introduces us to his fave candidate for 2016!


Nate B: “Happy day Zac! How busy are you guys in San Francisco? I am wondering if today would be a good day to back and forth about Sandwiches. Specifically, your favorite sandwich of San Francisco, or beyond.”

Zac A: “Totally!  I have been thinking of different sandwiches that I love here in the city.”


NB: “Right on. First you, yourself: Who are you? What is your name?”

ZA: “Well, I am Zac Apley.”

NB: “What do you do at Ergo Depot?”

ZA: “I am a showroom associate here at the Ergo Depot SF showroom and I have been with the company since February 2015.”


NB: “Do you mostly sit or stand or do a little bit of both with your Jarvis?”

ZA: “I do a little bit of standing and sitting, plus dancing when I’m feeling the hits!”

Nate B: “Thank goodness for the hits! I don’t know if your system is like ours, but ours is truly a democratic grab bag, for better or worse. Sometimes the hits are 100%. Other times, some one’s blood sugar drops and they grab the reins and load the playlist with the Seinfeld theme or, theme for Full House.

“I’ve heard Kenny Loggins’, ‘Playing with the boys' three times this month. And here’ we’re only half-way through the month.”

ZA: “We usually mix it up everyday.  Some days it’s classic rock, a little bit of soul another but then we throw in some salsa as well.”

NB: “I like my salsa with nachos!

“Most recently we had a run of ‘Hallelujah.’ We listened to ‘Hallelujah’ by, of course, Leonard Cohen. But then we listened to the Jeff Buckley version. Then Rufus Wainwright. Susan Boyle. K.D. Lang. Damien Rice. Billy Currington. It was horrifying. There was not a lot of dancing at the Jarvis that day."

NB: “Moving on. I didn’t know this, until we met at our company retreat in the foothills of Mt. Hood but, it turns out, you are the tallest man in California? That’s quite a distinction.”

ZA: “It is a distinction.  I have met a few other “tallies” here in the showroom, but I will wear that crown proudly. I like to think of myself as normal. It’s the rest of the world who’s short!”

NB: “Your stature is a reminder to the rest of us shorties: we could always do better."


NB: “Now, the sandwich. If you could choose your most memorable sandwich, what would it be?"

ZA: “The Olympian from Fox Deli Plaza!  Lettuce, sprouts, bacon, tomato, cream cheese, and avocado on sourdough bread. The deli is closed but I still dream of that sandwich, which you know it’s a good one when you can dream about it."

NB: “That sounds pretty fantastic. While I love sprouts, I’ve found them oddly polarizing. 50% of sandwichers are like, "yeah sprouts." The other 50% are like...”

face melt "I don't like sprouts."

ZA: “Right?!”

NB: “Too bad Fox Deli Plaza is closed now. Have you tried to recreate the sandwich since? Or, did they have a secret sauce that’s impossible to replicate?"

ZA: “I have tried, but it’s never the same. I swear they made it with love or something. They had some secret sandwich making spell they put over it.”


NB: “That sounds difficult to replicate. You could try Voodoo, but there’s some amount of chicken blood don’t want that spritzing your sandwich.”

ZA: “One day I will but it might be a fluke. If I, like you said, prayed to the Sandwich Voodoo Priestess.”

NB: “It’s important to call on the Elders before reanimating your favorite sandwich. It demands an ingredient of humility to capture its magic.”

ZA: “Yes! It’s like my Papa Pete’s Peanut Butter Sandwiches.  If you do not have the right ratio, its all over the place!”

NB: “FYI, Google Images brought this up for Sandwich Priestess:"

weird al sando This lady likes metal sandwiches.

ZA: “You can’t go wrong with anything Weird Al.”

NB: “While I am bound to agree, I find Weird Al is a one-time-through artist. First time through, the song is like “HAHAHAHAHAH!" But the second time, for me at least, is like 'Meh.'”

ZA: “Yes!”

NB: “You too?”

ZA: “It’s always good to have your Weird Al in little doses.”

NB: “Agreed. I certainly respect the man. He does good work. But it’s got such a short lifespan.”

ZA: “Yes. It’s like he took the 'song of the moment' and put his twist on it. I mean I can’t even really remember ever hearing his songs on the radio except back in the 80’s with Eat It and Like a Surgeon.”


NB: “He had a good one about grammar lately. And, same thing, first time I heard it I was like, WOAH! and Ha! and the second time I heard it I was like, meh. If Weird Al was a sandwich, I might say he’s the Peanut-Butter-Pickle-Bacon from Killer burger."

ZA: “Can’t say I have heard it. But I will trust your opinion.”

NB: “I had it last week. At the behest of many people who swear it is the most amazing burger ever. My first thought was ‘ok, this is good’ but my second thought was ‘ok, that’s enough.’ So, I will not ever be returning to the PBPB.”

ZA: “It’s something that you need to try once, and then be like 'ok, I’m good.' I felt that way when I did the Bring Your Own Big Wheel race.”

NB: “Down the curvy street? In San Francisco?”

ZA: “Yes. Lombard Street, but it’s since moved to Vermont Street.”

NB: “I’ve always wanted to do that.”

ZA: “It happens every Easter Sunday!”

NB: *Note to self—have Ergo Depot send me to SF to do the BYOBWR next Easter Sunday*

“I’ve got life goals.”

ZA: “You should do it! Everyone wears a costume!  Some get scrapes, but it’s good, cheap fun. Jen and Linda from the PDX showroom were here on Easter last year, but we went to Golden Gate Park for the Hunky Jesus contest. Their flight left before they could go watch the race.”

NB: “It would appear that you and Jen and Linda made the right decision.”

ZA: “Sadly, it was on different sides of the city, and there’s only enough hours in the day to do so much and still make your plane!”


NB: “My wife, Jaclyn, would agree with you on that very point.

“The last time we were in San Francisco, even though we were desperately short on time I insisted we get a mission burrito for lunch. So we got these huge, hot messy burritos (to go) from La Cancun, then rocketed down to the docks with five minutes to gobble it all down before our ferry left for Alcatraz.

“We made the ferry, just barely. That was my fault, and I doubt I will ever be able to live that one down.”

ZA: “Ha Ha.”

NB: “Lunch was delicious and horrible: wolfing down piping hot wet burritos in the driver and passenger seat with plastic knives and forks. There are not enough napkins in the world...”

ZA: “Sometimes you just have to prioritize your day!”

NB: “That’s exactly what I told Jaclyn!”

ZA: “Hopefully you didn’t have to pay for the mess it caused in the rental car.”

NB: “Amazingly, in spite of everything, it was a tidy meal. Just savage and ugly."


NB: “But, enough about me. How about you and your sandwich? When did you first encounter your sandwich?”

ZA: “Long ago. Before I started with Ergo Depot. They closed after that!”

NB: “Thanks Obama!”

ZA: “I want to think it’s because of twitter and Ed Lee, but who wants to discuss San Francisco city politics when we are here to discuss sandwiches?

“Anyway, I shed a tear! It had been a weekly obsession for about 2 1/2 years.”


vol4-spread yay


NB: “That sounds like quite a romance!”

ZA: “It was one for the books. They’d see me coming and would know exactly what I wanted. It does pay to stick out in the crowd sometimes.”

NB: “They had the Tallest Regular in California for like 2.5 years. That’s like three months longer than both of Donald Trumps first two marriages.”


NB: “Were you on a first name basis with the staff? Like, did they call you ‘Big Zac?' Or, ‘Zaczilla?'"

ZA: “Yes. They always called me ‘Tall One.’”

NB: “It seems like, for such a devotee, they could have named the sandwich after you?

“Or…maybe they did? It was, after all, called the Olympian.”

ZA: “This was the Olympian.”

Image 10-31-16 at 2.59 PM Look at this sandwich. LOOK AT IT!!!

NB: “That looks bonkers good. Do you keep that photo in your wallet?”

ZA: “It’s on my phone. I look at it sometimes and say, 'I miss you.'”


NB: “One thing about Instagram, now I don’t have to keep pictures of my favorite sandwiches in my wallet anymore. Thanks Instagram! It’s like a sandwich depository. Pretty much just pictures of sandwiches.”

ZA: “I have not put any sandwiches on it yet, but I’ll start!”

NB: “They should have called it Sammygram.”

ZA: “My last post was my “Hunny Bunny” Trail Mix. I think I only have a few pictures on my account. I’m trying to add different sides to my personality for all of my social media world. In addition to just being present and social in the real world.”


NB: “Last question: If your sandwich was a historical figure, who would it be?"

ZA: “Cher! It’s a little eclectic, bizarre, sassy and can stand the test of time!

“And talking about this sandwich reminds me: I need to sharpen my re-creating skills so when you visit SF, I can make one for you to try!

“I would have to bring it in a cute little sandwich carrier!”

NB: "Aw, thanks Zac!”

ZA: “Also. Weird Al is coming out with a cartoon show! Thought you should know.”


On that note, I'll leave you with an appropriate gif,


Just eat sandwiches,
Nate B.