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Review: HAG Capisco Puls

red puls 2
One of the world’s most popular and innovative saddle seats just got a make over.

The HAG Capisco Puls boasts a slick new look while honoring the components that have made the original Capisco one of the world’s most popular task chairs since its debut in 1984: comfortable saddle seat, out of the way elbow/arm rests, a passion for both design and ergonomics, and a commitment to the environment in its design and manufacturing.

It’s almost as though Peter Opsvik—the designer of the original Capisco along with numerous other iconic chairs—looked at the Capisco and simply hit “refresh.”

The main feature that has made the original Capisco one of Ergo Depot’s best-selling products for several years running—the ability to encourage movement—remains at the core of the updated Capisco Puls.

The standard saddle seat supports users  perching towards the front of their chair when the pneumatic lift is in a higher, half-standing position, achieving an open hip angle. By sitting with an open hip angle (rather than a traditional knee tilt position, legs parallel to the ground), the spine naturally creates the S-shape curve it was designed for. The open hip angle means your legs are able to take some of the pressure off of your lower back and hips by helping support your body, in addition to allowing better blood circulation throughout your body, of course leading to more energy.

Opsvik himself said: “I believe that the spine is happiest when it can adopt the natural curvature that it has when we stand upright.” Who wouldn’t want to work like that?

The Puls’ back is of course cut from the same figurative mold as its older sibling, the original Capisco. The major differences between the two aren’t in the iconic style of the Capisco back, but in the materials. While the original Capisco is fully padded around the  seat back, in keeping with its minimalist aesthetic the Puls back is made primarily of plastic with a strip of foam padding to support your spine. The Puls, like the original, uses recycled household plastic in its parts and recycled car bumpers in its foam padding—surprisingly comfortable. The seat for the Puls is available in plastic with a strip of padding where you need it most, or with an extra cushion option.

Like all HAG products, comfort, durability and sustainability are all standard on the Capisco Puls. Also standard are some of our favorite features of the original Capisco: exceptionally comfortable saddle seat, foot plates to rest your feet where you’re inclined to anyway and the manual adjustments that make this chair the perfect fit for nearly all body types. And of course, a Capisco wouldn’t be a Capisco without the three pneumatic lift height options, allowing the users flexibility in their work surface height, encouraging variation and movement throughout the day.

The Capisco Puls has already received two prestigious design awards in over the past few months, including the 2011 iF Product Design Award in the Office Furniture category along with the 2011 Red Dot Design award in the Best Product Design category. Not too shabby.

As you can probably tell, we’re excited about this new chair offering from HAG. Please let us know in the comments below whether you think this new addition to the Capisco line will be the big hit we think it will.

Can’t wait to get yours? We don’t blame you. Just look how much fun this guy is having!