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Rectangle v. Contour

Congratulations! Your desire for a healthier office set-up and/or your valiant research efforts to find a quality standing desk have led you to Jarvis. Rest assured, you are in good hands now and all you have to do at this point is choose how you'd like to bedazzle your desk. So, which will it be, a rectangle or contour desk top?

Are you're opting for a Jarvis Bamboo or Jarvis Powdercoat desk? Great choices! Now, you'll have to choose between top shapes. So how will you decide?!

I'll make this quick and easy for you:

If you need a continuous, flat surface so you can occupy all of the possible desk space, then look no further. The rectangle top is for you! With this top option, you have more room to fit accessories underneath; there's 15" of usable potential-track length for that keyboard tray you've got your eye on. Plus, look at that clean, straight edge!


So what is the deal with contour tops? (Even Jerry Seinfeld has posed the question.)

seinfeld 2

The contour option doesn't just make for a cool-shaped desk, it's beveled edge provides wrist support for typing, writing, doodling or jazz-handing. Not to mention, you become captain of your own ship as the cut-out shape allows you to scooch in further to your work space and provides easy access to the far corners of the desk. It's a small cost of 3.75" less of usable desk depth for all the benefits that come with going contour. However, when you raise your monitors (thus your gaze), there will be much more desk space to work with. Just remember, there is not as much room underneath as the rectangle top provides, if you're looking to assemble a team of desk-accessory allies.


I gotta say, I'm partial to contour tops—I just love the curve! The only time I'd consider not opting for a contour is if I absolutely needed to use a keyboard tray; this top only provides 10" of potential usable track length. (And even then, I'd argue it's more effective to adjust the desk to appropriate typing height, and elevate your monitors instead with a trusty monitor arm.)

Now, the choice is yours: rectangle or contour?! If visiting Jarvis and its associated tops in one of our showrooms is not feasible for you, never fear; we've got an attentive customer service team who are happy to chat this one out!

Stay movin',
Jen M.