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No Need To Be Straight

It may be a controversial topic for some, but, for this post's purpose, it is worth noting that there is fluidity in active-office furniture design. Not all desks are designed to be straight. Before going forward, I just want to clarify that this is not a shout out for improperly made or hella worn furniture, like tornado desk (well... props for surviving a natural disaster).

Moore, OK, May 23, 2013--Residents sift through debris to find belongings after a tornado struck the community of Moore, Oklahoma on May 20th. Andrea Booher/FEMA

This here's dedicated to the not-as-exotic-as-you-think Jarvis Butterfly standing desk. The only distinction between it and it's straight counterpart is this desk top is constructed with raised 'wings.' Other than its sleek design and craftsmanship taking flight straight to your heart, the Jarvis Butterfly is crafted to help whip your work space into shape.

Not only do the raised wings help separate your things, they can leave you with more mental energy. How, you ask?! I'm about to get all Martha Stewart on you now, but hear me out: the more your work space is organized, time is better optimized, tasks are better prioritized and stress levels are reduced, which leaves us with more energy at the end of the work day and makes us happier.

Compartmentalize your to-do's with the Jarvis Butterfly:

  • Left wing - home to your desk lamp, which shines down on your inbox of papers to sign (or shred - I don't know your life)
  • Center piece - here is a great place to raise your screens up on a monitor arm so there's ample room for that external keyboard, some greenery (hello plant frands), plus writing AND napping space (wherever your priorities may lay)
  • Right wing - this may be where your outbox resides, but for me, this is where I keep my snack and beverage rations for the day, which help to remind me that nourishment breaks better my productivity
office Everyone organizes their space differently, but Portland-based Avea Solutions liked the Butterfly tops so much, they outfitted their whole office with them. They give two thumbs up to the wings!

Whether it's standing-desk aesthetics or functionality you're fixing for, the Jarvis Butterfly is quite enchanting, now isn't it?

Jen M.