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Nature: Free Therapy

Okay, so you use an adjustable standing desk at work, and when you sit, you make sure it's in a futuristic-looking task chair (that does wonders for your posture), plus you stand and dance on that anti-fatigue mat AND your screens are propped up on monitor arms. You really do get it—the traditional desk-slouch is not healthy. What can you possibly be missing from this quintessentially ergonomic setup?! There might be one thing...

Nature Is Nurture

I've got to fess up: the nature of our business is only part furniture. Through active-office designs and endeavors, we're really here to promote mind-body connection. What's missing from our product list (which, thankfully, doesn't cost a thing) is your relationship with nature. Interacting in some way, shape or form with the great outdoors really does make us all happier and healthier.


A recent nature engagement campaign is helping to prove what many of us already intuitively know: daily outdoor activity—even if it's just in our backyards feeding the birds or tending to the garden—is fundamentally important for our wellbeing. It increases vitality, creates higher self-esteem in kids, and shapes us into more mindful people.

Not to mention, a tree hug or two has positive physical effects like reducing high blood pressure and alleviating depression and anxiety. Naturing is also known to increase attention rates and self control all while lowering cortisol levels—aka stress! Plus, it straight up improves our mood. So, hey, can we all just make a conscious effort to recognize when we have a case of the Mondays and get our butts outside?!

What I think is the craziest but awesomest benefit of nurturing by nature; improved life satisfaction. Someone update the song! "I can't get no sat-is-fac-tion. But Ima try to go outside." A University of Rochester study proved that nature is fuel for the soul and all it takes is going outside to feel more alive!

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Although the right office equipment arguably makes for a more active work day and better overall health, let's not forget that getting out in nature is a core component to finding balance and really living a full life. And maybe it's not just what we get out of the deal, but more about what we can give back to the environment. Creating deeper relationships with nature will ultimately mean we're developing a greater understanding of the need for conservation.

John Burroughs got it right when he said, "I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order."


Just go outside,
Jen M.