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Make Pies, Not Sales

We’ve been getting some questions about Black Friday, so let’s just nip this in the bud.

Here’s the thing: we want everybody to have a healthy workspace. We want you to be able to outfit your office (or shop, or assembly line) with the best tools, whenever the time is right for you, and we recognize that that might not be in late November. We take pride in offering the best price we can on each of our products throughout the year. We don’t do coupons, because when we’re able to offer a great deal, we want everybody to have access to it. And if we’re able to lower the price permanently, we will.

When we do put things “on sale” it’s usually because we’re not going to stock this color anymore, or that fabric is discontinued, or the style has changed slightly. Sometimes it’s just “we love this product, and we really want you to try it!” We always start these sales as soon as we can, and they last until we run out.

We feel that seasonal sales put unfair strain both on employees and on customers. Seasonal sales mean long hours, and frowny faces. We understand that we’re very lucky to be able to stand on these beliefs: our industry isn’t exactly the go-to for holiday shopping. By the same token, we don’t want to add to your holiday season the stress of catching or missing a good deal. So, because we can, we prefer to let our team take a little extra time with their loved ones (and pies), and we encourage you to do the same.

Happy pumpkin-pie-for-breakfast season!