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Lighten Up, Friend

Wearing glasses has been part of my life longer than my Lisa Frank sticker collection (sad, but true). Funny how, even as someone who understands the ins and outs of eye strain and fuzzy vision, it wasn't until I entered the world of ergonomic furniture that it all became clear: proper lighting has real positive effects on the body.


For most of us, the majority of sensory input we experience while at work is through the eyes. If we aren't being mindful of good lighting, eye strain is a very real probability. Eye strain can take many forms—headaches, fatigue, neck pain and nausea just to name a few—and, over time it contributes to visual impairment. Which in turn can cause many of the same symptoms. Something of a vicious cycle.

And it's not just our eyes that depend on good lighting. Our internal clocks use it as a cue for adapting to our surroundings (good morning sun and goodnight moon). Improper lighting hinders our sleep and affects our mood. Straight up, poorly lit workplaces cause drowsiness and depression. So if you're feeling low and someone tells you to lighten up, maybe that's exactly what you need to do.


Exposure to brighter light increases energy and alertness, and boosts your mood. However when you're in late-evening wind-down mode, dim those lights, friends. Thankfully, there are tools out there helping us to be more mindfully aware of our eyeballs and the effect they have on the rest of our bodies. Apps like f.lux and FlexBright will adjust the color of your computer screen for you, based on factors like time of day and the amount of existing light in the room. Tools like these help to prevent eye strain and make staring at that screen of yours not as jarring. But, screen lighting only goes so far in the conversation of eye strain prevention, and the best way to get the light you need is by adding a versatile lamp to your workspace (or any space for that matter).


Lumen, the Desk Lamp For All

Everyone's different when striking the perfect balance between warm and cool lighting. Lumen is the epitome of light-temperature variation. This LED desk lamp has 5 different temperature settings along with 7 levels of brightness to choose from. Swipe right for more light and swipe left if you're like, 'nah.' Is the day dragging and your eyes are beginning to droop? Splash your face with a little water and some cool light as an invigorating way to stay alert. Reading before bed? Tailor the light temp. to a warmer setting for a cozy wind-down.

No matter the setting you adjust to, you'll have the ability to rotate the arm and head of the lamp any way you please to experience that non-flickering illumination. Plus there's no need to fret if you don't have an electrical outlet to spare - stay juiced with the Lumen's USB charging port!


In the same vain of being able to easily adapt to standing or sitting at your adjustable-height desk, life will become different, yet more simple and balanced when Lumen enters your life. Finally, a light to use in or out of the office that allows you to be more in tune with your body.

Stay sharp,
Jen M.