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Life Before Atwood

You can't have both utility and design. Maybe you've heard this active-office furniture myth before. And, you know what, some standing-desk users are more concerned with either the functionality of the motors and lifting columns or the perfectly picturesque top. Thankfully, I'm able to say with conviction that you can have it all with Jarvis. In fact, there are many tops to choose from that turn this beast of a standing-desk frame into a beautiful focal piece for your office. Including the newest addition to the family, Jarvis Atwood.


From the design process to the final product, Atwood is the epitome of fine craftsmanship. We teamed up with the wood-working wizards of Rocket Mission to bring this concept to life. This small, close-knit group, with whom we have been honored to partner for the Jarvis Evolve standing desk, is headed by creative master mind, Vincent Leman. He and his wife, Jessie, first started their business a decade ago. Vincent's family owned a custom cabinetry company in Francesville, Indiana (population 846). He credits the creative side of his personality to the sheer boredom he endured while growing up there. He began his wood-working path in junior high, and today you'll find everything from artfully abstract to charming contemporary pieces in his collection. Rocket Mission is described as Vincent's "foray into modern design."



After approaching the Rocket Mission team with our vision, they helped breathe life into Atwood. Vincent helped bring perspective to the design and was a joy to collaborate with. This beaut of a desk wound up having a mid-century feel and a modern, streamlined look. It is a fusion of sorts: noticeably as solid as the Jarvis Hardwood desk, yet as organizational as the Jarvis Evolve.



Designed with utility in mind, Atwood is equipped with beautiful, smooth-gliding drawers and an attached shelf. Are you looking for a standing desk with the sleekness of Jarvis but you need some built-in storage? Good news: these drawers provide ample room to stash your Macbook and then some—for when you want room to showcase your bobblehead collection. Are you aesthetically opposed to propping your screens up on monitor arms? Even better news: the top shelf acts as a platform for your laptop and/or monitor(s) to sit at a comfortable gazing level. Although, monitor arms fit comfortably here as well (and, don't forget, they are for your health).


In the vein of Jarvis Hardwood, Atwood is crafted from beautiful maple slabs and is available in a variety of stains. Hello, cherry, walnut, mahogany and light-stain maple desktops! For the drawers, choose any of those stains or opaque black or white. Plus, Atwood is mounted on the highly-esteemed Jarvis standing-desk frame. Black, white or gray base? Your preference! Sit, stand, kneel, crouch, lunge, side bend, dance if you want to; this desk's height adjusts with ease.


Welcome to the family, Jarvis Atwood!

Stay fresh,
Jen M.