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Take the Jarvis standing desk #30daychallenge

So you’re overhauling your workspace? That’s exciting! Maybe you’ve heard a lot about these standing desk things and you’re curious about what it means to change up your workday? Mixing a little active standing in your day sounds like just the thing. But with so many options, how can you be sure you’ll make the right decision?

Questions: you’ve got ‘em

Whether you’re considering a desk or chair, or a whole new workspace, it’s a pretty big deal—you want it to be right. After all, the idea is to experience a different way of working. Transforming the way you work could change everything else down the line. It’s good you’re carefully considering your options, especially when the questions can seem overwhelming.

Sure, there’s a bunch of helpful reviews and you even found some customer stories here, and here, which is great and all. And, maybe you’ve even called in to talk to one of our Customer Service Representatives, like Claire or Joven,* and they were able to tell you everything they’ve discovered about these desks and chairs, which is also helpful. But let’s be honest, sometimes there are questions we can’t fully answer.


Will these items relieve my back pain? Will these desks and chairs help me get through my day with more energy? Will I do better work in my new office? Will I feel a long-term difference with this new way of working?

All these are valid questions. And while you may have been further relieved when Joven or Claire mentioned our industry leading 7-year warranty, it’s this standing desk ‘thirty day challenge’ that’s really got your attention.


The sit/stand desk thirty day challenge

The idea behind our thirty day challenge is not revolutionary. Thirty day challenges are a great way to inspire new goals, to aspire for something better. What sets our standing desk challenge apart is our community of experts and helpful enthusiasts on hand to support you during this important transition. Every challenge is best when paired with a community to help. Whether that’s to troubleshoot an item with you, or to inform your experience, we’ve got your back (and your neck and hips and shoulders… you get the point). That’s the #jarvis30daychallenge.





Get to know your new workspace, risk free

As you begin to incorporate movement, more energy and maybe even optimize your flow, you’ll be able to clearly experience this different way of working without the worrisome distraction that, if things don’t work out, you’ll be stuck with equipment that isn’t right for you. If, after your thirty days, you’re still not feeling it, we’ll take it all back. We’ll refund your desk, or chair, or whatever isn’t working for you, minus the return shipping and fees for damaged items.

We stand by our Jarvis. We stand by all our products. Find out for yourself why we’re so crazy about them with your own #Jarvis30daychallenge.









*Fully's non-commission, non-unhelpful and non-nonsense Customer Service Representatives: Claire Lauder, Fully's body movement expert and Jovenn Pacheco, Fully's Power-lifting kinesiology buff