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5 Upgrades Your Future Workspace Will Enjoy

1. Standing. This is already happening. In the future workers will spend as much time standing, walking, and leaning as they do sitting. Cycling through positions is the best way to keep a human body healthy. The future workspace is an active workspace. Seemingly all of Silicon Valley's tech giants are offering and encouraging the use of active workstations, including not just height adjustable desks but treadmills and desk cycles as well.

2. Touch screens and gesture input. Apple is growing in this direction with multi-touch surfaces and you can already cycle through Netflix titles with the wave of a hand thanks to the Kinect. As input devices and UI designers become increasingly sophisticated, interacting with technology will evolve to new levels of efficiency. Interfaces of the future will respond effortlessly to your touch and gestures in ways so intuitive you'll wonder how anything as inefficient as a keyboard lasted so long.

3. Massive interface. Instead of dual monitors we'll have our interfaces projected into a large interactive space before us. Productivity has been shown to increase with larger monitors and multiple monitors, so it stands to reason that our visual displays will evolve to encompass a larger percentage of our visual field. Or all of it. New progress is being made daily with virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift so perhaps displays of the future will only seem larger.


4. Artificial Intelligence. Though humanity has received warnings from thought-leaders like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk on the dangers of AI, these areas will continue to be explored. It seems likely that future operating systems will contain an omnipresent AI assistant not unlike Scarlett Johansson's character in the film Her. Practice talking to your technology now by using Siri.

5. Mobility. We know that active workspaces make us healthy. Interfaces are becoming smaller. Gestures are portable and so is our future cross-platform AI friend. With all this in the cards why would humans need to stay in an office at all? The future workspace could very well be a mobile one.

While you're waiting for technology to catch up with your dreams of solving future-crimes with Tom Cruise why not take the first step and give your humanoid body an upgrade. This innovative seating from Norway is an example of an option that deviates from the banal, death-inducing office chairs of the past. The first iterations of active workspaces are already here.