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Fully + Wanderwell + WeWork = ❤️

It’s no secret, Fully is in love with co-working spaces. It’s a romance for the ages. For two weeks, Fully is setting up a lounge in the corner of Portland’s WeWork Pioneer Place. It’s a pop-up active workspace, fully equipped with everything you need to bring a little movement to your co-working day.

What are WeWork co-working spaces?

WeWork provides beautiful workspace, an inspiring community, and meaningful services to help you make a life, not just a living. From having access to multiple locations filled with like-minded companies to exclusive discounts on services that accelerate growth, WeWork is the perfect place for your company to call home. With over 200,000 members in 225 office locations worldwide, you can focus on growing your business and we take care of the rest. Stop by WeWork Pioneer Place for a coffee and to learn more.

What can you find at WeWork’s Fully active lounge?

• Two sit/stand Jarvis desks
• Privacy panels
• Desktop power
• Great lighting
• Capisco chairs
• Side table with cushioned Tic Tocs
• Jaswig standing desk

Fully and Wanderwell keep you moving

Our local B Corps friends, Wanderwell Travel Insurance, have been longtime residents of the WeWork Pioneer Place. Like us, they share a passion for movement. Whether that’s keeping you moving around the office, or around the globe, they’re eager to get the word out and describe what Fully’s desks and chairs have added to their small WeWork space.

We’re partnering with Wanderwell to bring you an informative lunch and learn, February 21st at 12:00 p.m. We’ll have a brief demonstration on how an active workspace can help fight that midday productivity slump, and keep you moving and engaged all day long. There will be lunching and learning, and a sweet raffle drawing at the end. That’s right, your opportunity to win some great Fully products of your own! (giveaway details below).

The lunch-n-learn is open to all, not just WeWork members. Come on by, have a snack, win some sweet swag and learn about what’s got our friends at Wanderwell jumping through their workday. Please RSVP by February 16th so we can make sure there’s enough (insert your favorite food here) for everyone.

Can’t make the event? If you’re curious about Fully’s active workspace, a co-working space like WeWork, and the magical explosion that explodes when you combine the two, WeWork offers one day passes to come and work for free. Come try these great desks and chairs for yourself, available until Tuesday, March 6th, and see why so many people are taking their business to coworking spaces.

Fully giveaway details

Fully is hosting two great opportunities to win!

Lunch and Learn:
In addition to our informative and fun lunch-n-learn, we’ll be giving away a Tic Toc seat with a matching standing board. Our Tic Toc was recently updated, and now comes with a cusion. Come hear about how our bodies work with these desks and chairs; the simple addition of a little movement to your day can make a world of difference.

Wednesday, February 20th at 12:00 - 1:00
WeWork Pioneer Place commons area
700 SW Fifth Avenue
(Pioneer Place Mall, top floor)
Portland OR 97204

Really cool pop-up contest:
Fully is setting up shop for two weeks next to the Pioneer Place commons area. In the Fully active lounge, on top of our desks, you'll find some table tents. What do they say? What can you win? It’s a big secret (keyword here is ‘big’). We can tell you one thing: you won’t want to miss this special opportunity to win something incredible and get your own active workspace fully dialed in.