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Dogs of Ergo Depot: Cococita, Human Relations

There have been a few articles published this year about the benefits of welcoming dogs to the workplace. The Huffington Post, the Daily Mail, and The Guardian have all touted the benefits of having our canine friends at work with us — everything from improved employee morale and lowered stress levels to increased productivity and better talent retention.

Here at Ergo Depot's showroom in Portland, Oregon, we're wondering what took the rest of the world so long to catch on. In this post I'd like to introduce one of the dogs who appears here frequently: Coco, the dachshund who works with us part time.


Coco began work at Ergo Depot as a fairly typical office dog: she slept, she asked for pats, she licked people's feet without permission. But we soon realized that her communications skills are well above average. She has a special gift for making herself understood, and very often for persuading people to do what she wants them to.

Take today, for example. Coco's bed is sitting near, but not in, a patch of sunlight. Coco looks from the patch of sunlight to the dog bed, and then up at me. She looks at the bed again, the sunlight, and then back to me. I move the bed into the sunlight. Coco climbs in and settles down. Then she turns and looks at me one more time – quickly, and then away, as if she hates to be a bother about it but could I possibly...? I fetch my sweater and drape it over her just the way she likes it, covering all of her except her nose.


Over time we began to realize that Coco had a lot to offer us, and she began pitching in and putting her unique talents to use. About two days a week, she can now be found snuggling employees who are feeling stressed, overseeing our work, and even sitting in on interviews and helping to vet prospective new hires. These days, she is nicknamed “HR.” (By the way, if you're applying to work at Ergo Depot, take a friendly tip and be sure to get on Coco's good side.)


Coco's hard work is rewarded with treats. Carrots are her favorite.cocoa-01546

Coco is also a natural born salesperson. “I wasn't even here to shop,” said one visitor recently. “I came in looking for a bathroom. Then there was a dachshund. As soon as she told me about the Jarvis desk's seven-year warranty, I realized I had to have it. Best decision I've ever made. Thanks, Coco!” (Well, maybe she didn't exactly say that last part out loud, but we all know that that's what she meant.) 

Coco wants to help you pick out the right chair for your office needs.

We hope you'll visit our Portland showroom soon. Feel free to ask if Coco's here – she loves meeting new people. Just watch out for the kisses.cocoa-01594


Happy National Dog Day!
Chase M.