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DIY Jarvis

For all of you think-outside-the-box, creative-as-all-heck people out there, did you know that customizing your Jarvis standing desk is an option—and an easy one at that?! If you're looking for DIY inspiration, we got it right here for ya:

Jarvis: Pulley Loaded


John Culbertson's standing-desk creation is a force to be reckoned with. He added a pulley-light system to his Jarvis, you guys! When he's not at work designing, integrating and testing electronics on liquid bi-propellant launch vehicles (aka ROCKETS), this avionics engineer is killing the game with his DIY projects.


All of our eyeballs need a properly lit workspace and John thought, why not attach two overhead lights to the lifting/lowering mechanism of Jarvis? "I realized that I could use the pulleys for both aesthetics and as a functional part of my lighting design," he explains. "Of course while the idea only took about half an hour of pondering to form, the execution took about 60 hours to fabricate." On a brighter note, now, no matter the height he adjusts his standing desk to, IT'S LIT.

This, too, can be your kick-ass creation if you follow John's guidelines on!

Jarvis, You're A-Drawer-Able


Brian Olson was looking for desk-top inspiration when he found it in a slab of black walnut and in another woodworking project he had embarked on. "This actually started because I made a practice drawer for a dresser I was making and had it sitting around for years," he recollects. "Essentially I built the desk around it."


Now, his workspace is well equipped with built-in organization, but we're not just talking about the drawer, oh no. Brian isn't about that wire clutter life, so he made sure to incorporate a shelf for the back end of the desk to "neaten things up." After all, when you're a software engineer, and typing is most of what you do, cords don't need to be trippin' ya up.

The Jarvis Eureka! Moment


When Christine Tweedy's receptionist reached out to let her know that being seated all day didn't really feel that great, this dentist immediately searched online for the best standing desk she could find. "Everyone was thinking about the kind that you just plop on an existing desk and raise when you want to stand," she notes. "The problem with that style is that it limits work space and adjustments." Christine was attracted to the simplicity and quality (not to mention low cost) of Jarvis. The typical standing-desk top wound up absorbing too much space. This actually led to the infamous eureka! moment where she decided to cut out a piece of the existing u-shaped receptionist area to fit the Jarvis frame.


Not only does Christine's front-office manager benefit from better posture, but her DIY creation is adored by patients as well. Standing to greet everybody and being able to make eye contact feels much more welcoming. Another plus: "When it is time to sit it so easy to have the workspace lower right into place, nothing has to be moved out of the way!"


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