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Dress up your Jarvis with Fully Desk Accessories

Dialing in your unique workspace can take some doing. These accessories, from the intersection of ingenuity and style are just the thing to help make your Jarvis—your Jarvis. Customizing your workspace with solutions—right where you need them—can bring synergy to your workday. That's right, we just said synergy.

Our Jarvis desk has been called many things

Elegantly utilitarian, movement-inspiring, comfortable, yet engaging. Tall. Short. But now, we can add fabulous to that list. Fully’s new line of desk accessories takes a note from the stylishly minimalist aesthetic of Jarvis and ups its game to a workspace with solutions right where you want to be.

If it ain't broke, don’t fix it

Those are words to live by, for sure. But that doesn’t mean what isn’t broken can’t use a dash of sparkle.

Of aesthetic and ingenuity

It’s the rare case when engineering and style can so gracefully inhabit the same space. These accoutrements can bring the true personality of your Jarvis into its own, making your Jarvis—your Jarvis.

Jarvis Magnetic Desk Hooks

Biking in the rain sucks. But not many things suck worse than returning to your soaked commuters at the end of the workday. If only there was a place to hang all that soaked gear to dry.

Jarvis Desk Hooks to the rescue! Simply attach two (or fourteen) of these heavy-duty desk hooks under your Jarvis desk for a convenient and discreet way to hang-dry your clothes. Finish your day right by sliding into a dry set of commuters, even if you’re heading right back out into the rain.

Jarvis Bottle Opener

The office water cooler got pretty lonely since you installed that bottle opener on your Jarvis.

Simply insert a bottleneck and give it a twist. A small magnet, hidden in the back, holds the cap and keeps it from falling and rolling under a file cabinet (like it always does). Four o’clock can’t come soon enough!

Fully Desk Drawer

Everybody’s got their favorite pen. Mine is the Pilot Precise V5 (#3 on this list). Far as I’m concerned, I can have all the desk in the world but without my pens, my workspace just isn’t complete. I’d say the only thing I’m less fond of than a workspace with no pens, is a cluttered workspace.

Now, I keep my desktop clear and my stock of pens and Scout Notes and other small items neatly tucked away in this shallow drawer. Bonus: the drawer has a surprisingly satisfying glide I find myself fidgeting with when I’m writing complex emails.

Jarvis sit/stand desk accessories - Fully blogWhatever accessories you choose, here’s to a workspace uniquely yours, filled with solutions everywhere you need them.