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All dressed up for a fight: catching up with (Jarvis)RED

Today is World AIDS day. It is a day to join in the fight against HIV. It is a day to commemorate those who have died from an AIDS-related illness and support those who are battling HIV.

All dressed up for a fight

The fight against AIDS has been a chaotic fight. How else can we weigh-in against a virus that has created such an immeasurable juggernaut—such incredible need—spanning the globe? To wrap one’s head around the resources, education and funds it takes to address AIDS and HIV is mind-boggling. It is only too easy to become overwhelmed. So thank goodness for the (RED) foundation! Their reach, their meticulous attention to detail and high level of organization is exactly what is needed to turn a chaotic fight into a precise and intentional one.

This is why we were so eager to join the (RED) organization: we had no idea how to help. But not knowing the way forward is one thing. Not doing anything about it is another thing altogether.

Jarvis(RED) gif - Fully blog(Jarvis)RED a year later

Who knew, we’d be able to help out so stylishly? It certainly is a snappy desk. That unmistakable red is an accent to any workspace. For one year, for every purchase of the (Jarvis)RED we’ve donated $25 to the (RED) foundation, which, in turn, can provide 80 days worth of a patient’s medications.

We still have no idea what we’re doing, but we’re doing it anyway. Because we believe in the (RED) foundation. We believe the fight against AIDS and HIV is a responsibility. The contributions to this fight may seem minuscule; they are essential. If you would like to know more about the (RED) organization and what they do, check out their mission statement. In the case you’d like to lend a hand, but aren’t in the market for a new desk, they take individual donations as well.

We’re so lucky to throw-in with the (RED) organization, and with a dash of elegance at that. One year later, it’s been a privilege to join in this fight. It's incredibly important and we hope you’ll join us.

Update: It was fabulous while it lasted. We've discontinued our Jarvis (RED) desk.